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a space contemporary arts

9-11 Old Northam Rd, Southampton, SO14 ONZ. 023 80 338 778

Exhibition continues until 10th September 2004

Two new painting exhibitions, coming in fast, from the other side of tradition.

4 x paint drivers
Steff Plaetz, James Choules, Will Barras & Mr.Jago
Four fresh urban talents whose work has already received recognition across Europe and beyond come together in this show, 4x paint drivers. In this new exhibition they set out to prove beyond any shadow, through multiple painting styles, that they are part of contemporary fine art.

Born free from white confines, honing their skills on un-expectant and true urban sites, their talents have been called upon by many international publishing houses & clothing labels, including top names like ADDICT, Play station, Burton & VW.

Indeed ADDICT have been carrying out pioneering work with this group of artists, among many others, for the last two years. Creating collaborative artworks that transcend many genres. These works have crossed boundaries & been successfully employed in fashion, design & print and here they remain visually stunning in a gallery environment.

Examples of this boundary crossing work can be seen (& purchased) in the ADDICT & five-o stores in Southampton high st.

4x paint drivers sees these four undisputable talents come together for their first group gallery exhibition.

24-hour party people
Guy Stauber
Featuring contemporary portraits of Jazzie B, Goldie, Sean Ryder, Ian Brown & Keith Flint.

This exhibition sets out to deal with the portrayal of contemporary music icons. The subjects have been chosen for their groundbreaking styles & significant contributions to their respective musical genres. The works in this exhibition seek to pay homage to those who broke the rules, freeing themselves from the constraints of the regular musical moulds. Straying from the path in their relentless quest of pushing music, image, style & popular culture forward.

The works are rendered with a fusion of urban painting techniques. 24 hour party people brings the notion of, immortalising musical icons, into the 21st century & gives us the opportunity to worship at the altar of those who have provided the soundtrack to our lives.


Will Barras > detail from concept drawing

Guy Stauber > detail from ‘King Monkey’


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