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an artist's commission supplement

the supplement

In August 2004 the first edition of a 10 page sponsored supplement, entitled 'Crude Metaphors', will be launched in Hot Shoe magazine.

The supplement, which will be curated by artists Edgar Martins and Jesus Robalo Teixeira, is the culmination of an ongoing collaboration between the moth house and Hot Shoe magazine.

Committed to publishing a wide range of photographic and artistic work by ground-breaking artists from all corners of the globe, this publication will be looking beyond traditional forms of representation towards innovative ways of using all mediums and extending its vocabulary.

Thematic editions will deal with contemporary issues around photography, the fine arts and society and will feature exclusive literary analysis from contemporary art critics and authors.

If you wish to find out more about this publication, please contact us on the address/email listed below or refer to our website (gallery>forthcoming events & exhibitions).


We are currently also accepting proposals for features of artist's work.

Only literary and visual collaborations will be accepted. We will not take into consideration projects which do not feature an accompanying essay.

The format of the supplement consists of a 10 page feature of a visual body of work along with a 1000 word text and/or critical analysis of the concerning visual work.

For submissions please send us a selection of 10 low res jpgs (max. 100k each picture) along with the relevant critical/literary analysis. Emails should be titled as 'Crude Metaphors submission proposal'.

Artist's may need to provide high res scans of their work for reproduction.

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