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Campbell Works Gallery

Within These Walls - Carol Archer displays a moving photographic installation documenting showing a glimpse of the Palestinian people while they struggle to live their daily lives.

Opening 7th October 6 - 9pm
Fridays by appointment
Saturdays / Sundays 12 - 6pm, to Oct31, free

Campbell Works

27 Belfast Road London N16 6UN
T: 020 8806 0817

Forthcoming Exhibition ­ opening 7th October 2004 6 - 9pm


The process of exhibiting highly politicised documentation in an art context presents a major challenge to anyone involved in curation.

Within These Walls creates an extraordinary document and testimony to the people in Palestine who are struggling to live their daily lives. During the preparation of this installation many issues were raised about the display of such material and the need to avoid alienating or patronising the audience, or compromising the subject. A further danger would be arousing opposition from some viewers before they have engaged with the subject.

The challenge, which we have accepted, is how to address such reactions and create a dialogue that springs directly from the material shown. By challenging our assumptions we must question if the reason it may be problematic is because it forces us to look in the mirror and ask if we may be part of the problem.

Within These Walls will encourage visitors to respond to the themes and issues raised.

Carol Archer has visited Palestine and Israel three times and has just returned from five months study at a university in the West Bank. While there she witnessed the construction of the Apartheid Wall / Security Fence and the effects of the Israeli Occupation on the everyday life of the people living there.

Opening 7th October 6 - 9pm
Fridays by appointment
Saturdays / Sundays 12 - 6pm

The exhibition will be accompanied by two film screenings ­ free entrance
The installation will also be open from 6 - 7pm on these nights.

Wednesday 13th October at 7pm. Carol Archer will give a short introduction followed by
A Caged Birds Song a film made as part of The Right to Education Campaign made by Birzeit University.

Wednesday 20th October at 7pm. Programme to be finalised.

Please contact Campbell Works for more details.

BR: stoke newington Buses: 67,149,243,73



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