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Exclusive and exciting projects revealed by the UK’s leading art fair.
Frieze Art Fair, the UK’s largest contemporary art fair, has announced the programme of projects and
events for this year’s fair, featuring exciting new works by Adam Chodzko; Annika Eriksson; Chris
Johanson; Emma Kay; Los Super Elegantes & assume vivid astro focus; Aleksandra Mir; Roman
Ondák; Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan and Pae White.

The ten commissions – all of which will be unveiled at Frieze Art Fair 2004 - are ambitious in conceptual and
physical scale and combine a variety of art practices including performance, installations, sculpture, print
and distribution works. (Further details illustrating the range of projects are available on page 2.)
To complement these works, Frieze Art Fair is running a talks programme featuring 30 speakers made up of
leading figures in the contemporary art world. The speakers will be debating a wide range of topics on the
subjects of ‘Economics, Ethics and Aesthetics’.
A schools’ education day is also planned to introduce local school children to different art concepts and
encourage future participation and enjoyment of the arts.
Polly Staple, Frieze Foundation Curator, who was responsible for the inaugural programme in 2003, will
again organise the 2004 events. Staple will build upon the curatorial successes of 2003, producing a series
of distinctive events for the unique context of Frieze Art Fair 2004. The programme is supported by public
and private sponsorship.
Further details of the individual commissions will be announced over forthcoming weeks.


15th-18th October
private view: 14th October
South Side, Regents Park, London
Amanda Sharp, Matthew Slotover
Polly Staple
Topic of Talks:
Schools’ Education
Commissioned Artists:
‘Economics / Ethics / Aesthetics’
18th October, in collaboration with the Serpentine Gallery
Adam Chodzko; Annika Eriksson; Chris Johanson; Emma Kay; Los Super Elegantes & assume vivid astro focus; Aleksandra Mir; Roman Ondák; Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan, Pae White

Projects and Events
The Frieze Art Fair signifies an extraordinary international contemporary art event. The artists invited to work
on commissions are interested in both the inherent contradictions of an ‘art fair’ and the peculiar dynamic of
the event itself. The majority of works proposed are performance based.
The commissions consist of ten projects by international artists. The projects range from site-specific
installations, to impromptu performances, to a free publication distributed to visitors.
Los Super Elegantes & assume vivid astro focus
Los Super Elegantes consists of Milena Muzquiz and Martiniano Lopez-Crozet, Mexican and Argentinian
artists based in Los Angeles. They are collaborating with Brazilian graphic installation artist assume vivid
astro focus who is based in New York. All three artists have shown widely in North and South America.
Most recently they participated in the Whitney Biennial in New York. This will be their first opportunity to
show in the UK.
‘Make it With You: A Slow Dance Club’ is a mini club positioned in a central fair location offering alternative
human interaction with dancing and performances by Los Super Elegantes. The set will be designed by
assume vivid astro focus and Los Super Elegantes. The ‘Slow Dance Club’ will provide an environment
distinctive from the typical competitive and commercial pace of traditional art fairs. The audience will be
invited to immerse themselves in a total artwork—to converse, watch and slow dance to a different rhythm.
Image credit: assume vivid astro focus, y.o (2002). Courtesy john connelly presents.
Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan
Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan are artists based in Glasgow. Their work crosses a range of media: they
have written a play, a novel, made a slide installation (combining Scottish mythology with chess playing,
conceptual art history, style wars and binary oppositions); have made a large scale installation of the words
‘Heroin Kills’ at Glasgow’s Tramway Gallery and have designed a gold necklace of the same words to be
worn by art professionals at the Venice Biennale. Tatham and O’Sullivan have recently had solo shows at
Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland and The Modern Institute, Glasgow.
Their play ‘Thou Art That’ will be presented by the performance troupe ‘The Slapstick Mysticks with Sticks’
in the style of a medieval ‘mumming’ play in the round. ‘Thou Art That’ is a narrative structure upon which to
hang various interventions and strategies; alternatively it is a conceptual framework within which to tell
various stories.

Aleksandra Mir
Aleksandra Mir is an artist based in New York. She works across a range of media, often taking a skewed
sociological position to explore the relationship between the individual and society’s organising mechanisms
of power. Aleksandra has recently shown at the Serpentine Gallery, London, Palais de Tokyo, Paris and
Whitney Biennial, New York; in June she was awarded the Baloise Art Prize (Art Statements) at Art Basel.
Aleksandra’s commission piece is a 32-page, full colour, A3 publication documenting the biography of a
‘Collector’s Daughter’ as told by family photographs and interviews. This is the second volume in Mir’s
acclaimed ‘Living and Loving’ series of biographical publications and will be printed in a run of
10,000 copies. It will be distributed free to fair visitors from coffee points. For more information on ‘Living
and Loving’ please visit:

Frieze Art Fair 2004 has also confirmed the following artists for the commissions project: Adam Chodzko;
Annika Eriksson; Chris Johanson; Emma Kay; Roman Ondák and Pae White. Emma Kay’s project has
been commissioned in collaboration with London Underground ‘Platform for Art’. Commissions are also in
development with collaborating partners Nicola Trussardi Foundation, Milan and Portikus, Frankfurt. Further
details of these commissions will be released in September.

Talks Programme (further details to be announced)
Frieze Art Fair 2004 will present another series of talks featuring international curators, critics, collectors
and artists who will debate live issues pertaining to the production and collecting of contemporary art.
Themed ‘Economics / Ethics / Aesthetics’ topics range from an investigation of new international art
centres to a debate: ‘Where is Adventure? What is Culture?’
The talks programme will take place in a 120-seat auditorium. From international art professionals to
curious newcomers, the programmes are designed to suit the distinctiveness of the art fair environment as
well as the diversity of the audience.

Schools’ Education Day
Schools’ Education Day
The Schools’ Education Day in collaboration with Serpentine Gallery will take place on Monday, October
18th. The auditorium will provide a focus for workshops with 120 GCSE students from four local schools
producing written and visual responses to Frieze Art Fair.
Image credit: Educational Programme, Frieze Art Fair 2003. Photo: Polly Bradan

Alongside the curated programme, Frieze Art Fair 2004 features 150 of the world’s leading contemporary art
galleries – whom have been culled from a list of more than 400 applicants by the selection committee.
The committee consisted of respected art dealers Gavin Brown of GBE (Modern) New York; Sadie Coles of
Sadie Coles HQ, London; Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn of Salon 94, New York; Martin Klosterfelde of
Klosterfelde, Berlin; Maureen Paley of Interim Art, London; Eva Presenhuber of Galerie Eva Presenhuber,
Zurich; and Toby Webster of The Modern Institute, Glasgow. (A full galleries list and information on the
selection committee are available in a separate backgrounder.)
In total over 1,000 artists will be shown in the enlarged temporary structure designed by architect David
Adjaye. As a result, Frieze Art Fair 2004 will be the largest single contemporary art exhibition ever staged in
the UK.

Music Programme
A music programme - curated by Steve Mackey of Pulp and Dan Fox, Associate Editor of frieze magazine -
will run throughout the duration of the fair. The programme line-up will include some of the most exciting
new acts on the contemporary music circuit. (Further details will be released in August.)



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