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Clapham Art Gallery - KES RICHARDSON


Exhibition Date: Tuesday 15/07/03 – 16/08/03

Opening Preview (Serving Mixed Cocktails): Tuesday 15/07/03 7.00pm – 9.00pm
Contact: Zavier Ellis / Aniko Pall

CLAPHAM ART GALLERY is delighted to present KES RICHARDSON* with his second one-person show, entitled ‘Come’.

Richardson has enjoyed huge success in London and New York over the last two years for his sexualized portraits and nudes. He is known for his immaculately executed interpretations, derived initially from internet pornography. Richardson begins by reducing the appropriated images to their bare essence. Each subject is extensively cropped, deconstructed and reformed by employing delicate colour harmonies of commonly no more than five or six tones. This complex use of flattened colour is defined by precision drawing and within this the picture plane produces a strong sense of abstract tension that heightens any potential discourse between subject and viewer.

Richardson’s paintings are seductive, provocative and erotic, and despite the removed nature of the original source material the works maintain a high emotional charge and can be aggressive, playful, alluring or questioning. The subjects are caught prior to or during some form of intercourse, thus implying a narrative of sorts. They can be icons, actors or victims. Whether ambiguous or graphic it is for the viewer to create the context of the story and the action, and to complete the cycle that initiates with Richardson’s expression of pure, essential, formal beauty.

* To view Richardson’s new work please click on the link below:


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