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BROADBENT - “How Heavy is Black?”

10 December 2003


Joachim Bandau
Eduardo Chillida
Alan Davie
Sam Francis
Joan Hernandez Pijuan
Hamish Fulton
Ian McKeever

LONDON— Broadbent is to exhibit a group show “How Heavy is Black?” opening 10 December 2003.
The contemporary art gallery in Notting Hill will explore contrasts in the sculptural, narrative, and painterly qualities that black on white can provoke.

The exhibition also introduces two established international artists to London, Joan Hernandez Pijuan (Barcelona) and Joachim Bandau (Aachen) who have never exhibited before in Britain but whose work is to be found in many museums throughout mainland Europe and America.

Gallery owner Angus Broadbent says the theme was initially inspired by the monumental gravity defying blackness of the work of the late Eduardo Chillida contrasted with the diaphanous layered black watercolours of the sculptor Joachim Bandau. The two painters Joan Hernandez Pijuan and Ian McKeever also have contrasting uses of black: Pijuan’s paintings are abstract in a reductivist sense, rooted in the landscape of his native Barcelona, while McKeever’s images are abstract in a more minimal sense. The show will also contrast the narrative styles of Alan Davie and Hamish Fulton’s black and white pieces. While Davie uses an inky quality to produce symbols and text imbued subconsciously with meaning, Fulton uses words, graphically presented to directly represent aspects of his journeys through landscape.

“Colour has been a very important part of our recent exhibition schedule,” says Broadbent. “But I wanted to use the power of black on white to illustrate the formal structures that underpin all painting”. The exhibition will contain mainly works on paper as well as some limited edition prints.

For further information about the exhibition and the gallery, visit

25 Chepstow Corner
Chepstow Place
London W2 4XE
T: +44 (0)20 7229 8811
F: +44 (0)20 7229 8833
M: +44 (0)7768 082249
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