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Fanclub At Rosy Wilde

29 Nov - 21 Dec
Thurs-Sun 12-6 & by appt

Rosy Wilde opens her door and invites you in to view work by:

Annabel Dover / Sarah Doyle / Antonio Gianasi / Cathy Lomax
Alex Michon / Marcus Oakley / Stella Vine / Yolanda Zappaterra

'Billy Fury with Johnny Gentle' - Alex Michon

“When I looked at him I went mad with desire and envy and worship and self projection” - Lester Bangs on Elvis - 1977

Fanclub delves into the psyche of the fan, presenting a series of works by artists who are prepared to give themselves over to and examine their obsessions. Their objects of desire are loved, admired and dreamed about resulting in an eclectic lucky bag of art objects, paintings and drawings.

Marcus Oakley lovingly paints his seventies idols from Brian Wilson to Stevie Nicks
Alex Michon creates her own private Idaho inhabited by 50s Tin Pan Alley heart throb – Billy Fury
Antonio Gianasi draws heavenly fashion boys from the pages of L’Uomo Vogue
Sarah Doyle loves Prince, she shows him astride his Purple Rain bike, in 100 drawings and on a pop pillow - to gaze into his eyes as you fall asleep.
Annabel Dover’s idols are a collection of lovingly recreated Oil on Canvas Elvis’.
Cathy Lomax isolates fans in the throws of mass hysteria creating a series of lush portraits with classical references.
Stella Vine’s paintings explore the iconography of rock ‘n’ roll from PJ Harvey to the deaths of three starstruck teenagers
Yolanda Zappaterra inspired by Elvis' 68 Comeback Special puts her own name up in lights

A Fanclub shop selling Fanclub memorabilia, ‘unofficial’ pop merchandise and related publications will be open during show hours

Rosy Wilde 139 White Cross St London EC1
T: +44 (0)20 7689 0304
M: 07957 617839


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