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A celebration of Hungarian photographers – both the internationally acclaimed and those yet to be recognised… In a celebration of Hungarian photography as part of Magyar Magic Hungary in Focus 2004, a year long celebration of Hungarian culture in the United Kingdom Proud Galleries and the Hungarian Cultural Centre are pleased to present a remarkable landmark exhibition, A History of Hungary. Featuring over 100 original vintage prints by 23 outstanding photographers, A History of Hungary showcases, for the first time in the UK, internationally recognised Hungarian photographers alongside their lesser known, but equally accomplished counterparts. A History of Hungary provides a rare opportunity to see some of history’s greatest photographers under one roof. Including work by legendary photographers such as Robert Capa, Lászl? Moholy-Nagy and Brassai, the exhibition will also include photographs by their lesser known peers such as Escher and Pécsi. Unknown outside of their own country these talented photographers are being given the well deserved opportunity to exhibit their work before an international audience. Curated in the Hungarian Museum of Photography in Kecskemét by renowned Hungarian Károly Kincses, and Carrie Neely, Associate Director of Proud Galleries, these vintage prints on display successfully capture the many facets of Hungary’s unique character; the people, the landscape, the history, the beauty and the romanticism. A History of Hungary is the first ‘Museum’ exhibition to be held at Proud Galleries and features an unparalleled selection of stunning vintage prints by some of the nation’s most creative and talented photographers. With prints dating back to the 1900’s this is an exhibition which will not only captivate the audience but is an exhibition of great historical importance.

• A History of Hungary, The Exhibition – Proud Central, London (3rd December – 31st January) In relation to the size of its population, Hungary has produced a remarkable number of talented artists. However, it is only those photographers who have made the decision to leave Hungary and to reside in other countries – whether in Europe or the United States - that have gone on to achieve international recognition. Those that have chosen to remain on home ground, such as Escher and Pécsi, have without exception failed to establish the reputation that they deserve and as a result are rarely known outside of Hungary. Images include Robert Capa’s Indochina, Nam Dinh, taken just four days before his death; Brassai’s Festivities in Bayonne; Martin Munkácsi’s, ‘The First Fashion Photo’ as well as photographs by Luicen Aigner, Éva Besnyo, Angelo, Lászl?, Moholy-Nagy.

By allowing these distinct groups to share a platform, A History of Hungary will not only allow the less established photographers to share in the limelight of their contemporaries, but will also emphasise that the distinction between them is not so much a matter of talent but of geography. Katalin Bogyar, director of the Hungarian Cultural Centre says: “When Hungarians move to a new home, it is customary for us to call on our new neighbours and say hello so that they can put a face to the new name on the door. When Hungary joins the European Union next year, our whole nation will become a new neighbour. Who could think of a better way of introducing ourselves than presenting our cultural heritage, which has played a great part in ensuring this small nation’s survival throughout the centuries of political turmoil. Not that we are complete strangers in this neighbourhood. Rather, we are like ex-patriots returning home: we have lived in a completely different world for decades, but our way of thinking has never changed. It is a great pleasure for me to present a piece of our history in Proud Galleries.” “Hungary is well known to be a hive of artistic talent,” comments Alex Proud of Proud Galleries. “And we are delighted to be working with the Hungarian Cultural Centre to bring these superb works to the UK. What makes this project even more exciting is that we are providing a platform for photographers whose work deserves to be internationally recognised.”


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