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Keith Talent Gallery - Peter McDonald

Peter McDonald
Solo Show
Open Thurs - Sat 12pm - 5pm
Solo Show Runs from the 15th November to the 15th December.

Peter McDonald.
Peter McDonald lives and works in London.

These are paintings of performances. Peter McDonald makes paintings that draw the viewer into a painted world. The world he puts together uses painterly rules and systems to define itself; this is not an animated world or cartoon world, it is not representative of the ‘real’ world. Instead he has developed a painterly language to enable a dialogue on the canvas to zip between abstraction and figuration, real and non-real, the space he depicts can only be a painted space.

He is economic with the information given. These works have no need to underline, or add in order to get the point across; he states clearly his intentions with as few marks on the canvas as possible. This is so as to be as direct as he can be; he wants nothing to get in the way of his intention, nothing to throw the viewer off on an unintended tangent. As Peter makes the work about performance he is actually aware of the painter as performer, as the initiator of ideas. His performance has been refined so as to become as direct a communicatory tool as possible. Depicted beams of light become shards of color across the canvas, a series of almond shaped spots become the audience, and Afro haircuts give the opportunity to have vast expanses of color.

The pole dancer is a visual embodiment of sexuality. The disco dance floor, is a space where we all perform and our performance is for every one around us, and lastly the private view, where we can see the outcome of the performance in the studio.

Keith Talent Gallery
Miser & Now
2-4 Tudor Rd,
E9 7SN

02089862181/ 8533 2060


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