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London museum of Transport

LONDON’S Transport Museum is showing for the first time, some of the original artworks used for the best known posters ever produced. On until the 4th of January, the exhibition showcases 100 years of art from artists and designers including Edward McKnight Kauffer, John Bellany, Howard Hodgkin and Abram Games. Colourful posters encouraging people to travel by bus, tram and tube since the early 1900s, the works cover a range of media from media to mosaic and Oils to embroidery.

Frank Pick, who took charge of the Underground publicity in 1908 commissioned works from young and established artists. By the 1920s, the underground was producing more than 40 posters a year, bringing the best of graphic art to the public. Although the use of posters had declined in the mid- 80s, 2000 say the launch of Platform for Art program.


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