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What is RANT?
In the main, RANT is a free association of four Southport-based artists. All four have a Fine Art background, three are lecturers in Art and Design / Fine Art and one is a full time practitioner.

The name Rant is an acronym of Realising Art in New Territory.

What are the aims & objectives of RANT?
RANT is a group of working artists from diverse backgrounds but with a common interest in placing art in non-mainstream gallery spaces. Any space will be considered, inside or out. The roles of the team are as varied as the spaces they will be exhibiting in. Some roles include, exhibiting artists, curators, fundraisers, designers, marketing and sales, promotion, the list goes on . In essence, the group's activities will be:

· To facilitate and encourage the use of empty shop units and business premises as temporary exhibition spaces.

· To promote Southport as a potential venue for visual arts festivals, especially in the light of Liverpool's successful Capital of Culture bid.

· To encourage the installation of permanent public artworks in Southport.

· To raise awareness of Contemporary Visual Arts in and around Southport.

· To dampen the idea that Contemporary Fine Art is an elitist activity.

So what is next?
If you want to become involved with the group, can offer any assistance or exhibition space, or would just like to know a little more about the groups' activities then please get in

RANT: Southport Artists Collective is Craig Atkinson BA(Hons), Ralph Darbyshire MA ,Patricia Watts BA(Hons), Anthony Wynne BA(Hons.)


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