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Still LIVE by Fran Cottell

Living occupation: a live installation: the uncollectible

The artist is displaying her house as a living installation: an animated collection of clutter and objects in collaboration with the Café Gallery project. An element of the Gallery displaces part of the house: a walkway, part thoroughfare, part sculpture.

The members of the household continue to use the rooms as functional spaces. The contents of and action within the house are used by the artist/occupants as raw material for art. Aesthetic value is found in the under valued and everyday.

The work is a response to the current political/social climate by focussing on the micro. It is an alternative perspective that re- assesses the aesthetic of intimacy, emotional engagement and the creation of value. The work inverts priorities and questions status- its presents the house’s order/disorder in a tension between domestic action and self-conscious acts of display. Cage defined the real as a state of continuously becoming:’ present ness. The world, the real is not an object, it is a process.

The installation embraces time, presenting Still LIVE, not a still life. Fran Cottell’s interest is in non-theatrical performance involving small gestures.

Venue: 18 Woolwich Road, Greenwich, London SE10 0JU

Tel 0208 858 0782

Exhibition by appointment


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