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Visible Thought - Rudolf Steiner

The opening of Visible Thought, the first London exhibition of Rudolf Steiner's Blackboard Drawing's,
was a huge success.

Richard Demarco, who originally brought the work of Joseph Beuys to the UK, said,
"This is the most important exhibition in London at the moment..."

He anticipates a comprehensive exhibition of all Steiner's Blackboard Drawings in the not so distant future at The Tate.
Not to be missed - this exhibition ends 20th December.

Visible Thought
Rudolf Steiner's Blackboard Drawings 1919-1924
First showing in London - 21 Nov - 20 Dec 2003
Waterloo Gallery, 14 Baylis Road, London SE1.
Gallery opens: 11am - 6pm Monday - Saturday
Two minutes from Waterloo Station

t. 020 7460 7224 & tel/fax 01793 513010
e. OR

Free talk about one of the boards at 1pm daily. Admission £5 (concs £4)

Visible Thought
Exhibition of Rudolf Steiner's Blackboard Drawings 1919-1924
Robert Lord - Tour co-ordinator
Tel 020 7723 4400

Visible Thought
FIRST UK Exhibition of
Rudolf Steiner¹s Blackboard Drawings

Both Rudolf Steiner and Joseph Beuys, used a blackboard to illustrate their ideas ­
to diagram their thought, that is, give it schematic visual form.

Beuys¹ great dependence on Steiner¹s thought is well known. Heiner Stachelhaus¹ 1979 book Joseph Beuys (Düsseldorf 1987) devotes a chapter to documenting the influence, and Beuys himself acknowledged it. Now we must add that Beuys adopted one of Steiner¹s most effective pedagogical tools, as well ­ his blackboard drawings.

Despite the fact he died in 1925, Steiner¹s influence on modern art continues to grow. In recent years, Steiner¹s Blackboard Drawings have toured the world¹s leading art galleries. In fact it is only in the last fifteen years that Steiner¹s blackboards have been ²uncovered³ through the initiative of the curator of the Steiner Archives, Dr Walter Kugler. His recognition that the drawings have an aesthetic value of their own has awoken the art world to the fact that Steiner was already working on blackboards in a way reminiscent of Joseph Beuys some fifty years earlier. Perhaps it is for this reason tens of thousands of people flocked to see this exhibition when it toured Japan a few years ago.


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