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house gallery - Mark Mcgowan

hi everything is ok, day 7 of 13, i am still freezing cold, the baked beans are going blue and growing little hairs (i just stick my leg in the bath like a giant spoon and swirl them around a bit to mix them up before i get in) but they are still stinking, the sausages are saggging, the chips crumbling soggy, however i did manage not to wee in the bath for the first time yesterday, which took a lot of will power and detirmination. I have been burning incense to cover the smell of the beans, which seems to work. on saturday i was in the bath listening to england win the rugby. i have only got 3 days to go now and feel confident of reaching wednesday. try and come, the smell's not that bad, oh and i've stopped weeing in the bath.

the gallery is holding a coming out thing, that is from 6-9 on wednesday. house gallery 70 camberwell church street, s.e5. more info 07956084780.


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