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on Saturday February 21st from 2 until 4pm at Walford Mill Craft Centre

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10-5pm Sunday 12-5pm

Exhibition runs from 21st February - April 4th 2004


Exploiting British eccentricity, and crafts tradition in fashion, presenting work form over twenty-five makers. The exhibition blurs the boundaries between aesthetic/function, inside/outside. It presents work by Diane Reade - paper handbag pictures, the result of a fascination of representing interiors and exteriors, concealment/revelation and the personal.

Accessorise presents Reade's components of secrecy alongside the humorous yet practical work of Suitcase, (Edson Raup) -handbags tailored from recycled suits.

Other featured work includes playful felt slippers by maker Suzanne McCulloch and the intricate paper shoes of Lynn Creighton.

For everyday frivolity knitted scarves, silk stoles, jewellery and metal handbags offer a wealth of temptation.

Accessorise opens on 21st February for a bubbly launch party and private view. The exhibition will provide you with innovative ideas for weddings, gifts and offers an interesting inside to the outside accessory.



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