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Mark McGowan February 2004.


In an extraordinary art performance I will be attempting to pull a television along the road for 6 kilometres with my ear, through the streets of Milan, Italy, (see drawing). The television will be attached to my ear by a thin but unusually strong piece of string. This amazing never seen before event will start in South London, when I will travel by car from my home to Stanstead Airport, boarding a flight to Venice, carrying the television in my arms on the plane, with it at all times attached to my ear. I will stay overnight, sleeping with the television, then the following day travel by train from Venice to Milan, where the true performance/event will start to happen. It will start when I lie down on the pavement outside of Milan central train station and begin pulling the television along the road using only my ear, scraping my back as I go, making my way through the centre of Milan, to eventually arrive at the residence/offices of Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister. This is because I have heard that Mr Berlusconi was buying up lots of television companies and wondered if he wanted to buy my recently established MMcGTV Company, (Mark McGowan TeleVision). I am prepared to sell the company for 7,500 euros. A special television is to be handed over as a goodwill gesture, hoping to prompt a deal with the Italian Premier. I mean it is a win, win deal for Silvio, he gets another great television company. Sure I get the big pay day with the 7,500 euros, so I suppose we will all profit from the deal, I just hope my ear can cope with the amount of pressure that it takes to pull a 21 inch (53cm) television along the road, also I am a bit worried about scraping my back on the pavement, but it is worth it I just hope Mr. Berlusconi thinks so too. The event is to begin at 10 am on Wednesday 14th April 2004, starting outside Milan central train station. I have no idea how long the journey could last, it could last one day or possibly a week, I am not sure as I have not tried to pull a 21inch television with my ear before, hopefully I can master a good technique, but you can not rush these things or you could get hurt, like a sore ear.


Previous performances include:
YOU TURKEY 2003 I walked backwards for 11 miles with a 27lb turkey strapped onto my head, while shouting at fat people.
ROCKET 2003 an old lady was catapulted.
MONKEY NUT 2003 I pushed a monkey nut along the road with my nose for
7 miles.
SAUSAGE CHIPS AND BEANS 2003 I sat in a bath of beans with two chips stuck up my nose and had 48 sausages strapped on to my head for two weeks. OCEAN WAVE II 2003/4 an attempt to sail a shopping trolley 400 miles from London to Glasgow in Scotland, but had to abandon the trip due to weather, rescheduling for summer 2004.


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