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Frank Stella - Bernard Jacobson Gallery

29 April 31 May 2003

Bernard Jacobson Gallery hosts the first showing worldwide of a new series of works by Frank Stella.

The new works are named after key archeological sites in ancient Anatolia, the seat of neolithic civilisation from 7000-6000 BC. Stella has documented his fascination with early art forms, writing, after a visit to the caves at Lascaux in 1999: 'I found it hard to imagine, and then, even having actually seen it, I still found it hard to believe that Palaeolithic painting is easily the equal of the best Renaissance painting ... Now having thought it all over, I am struck by how the confidence and looseness of abstract painting at the end of the century can help us match their successes.'

Although named after specific sites, these works are not representations of them, however the techniques and materials he is using in this new work - sand casting and found object - are suggestive of the whole archeological process. Extraordinary conglomerations of rusted metal and shiny aluminium. up to 2.5 metres across, these wall sculptures are mounted on a ring which allows them to be rotated and displayed at any angle.

Now 66 years old, Stella continues to innovate. His fascination with space in painting has led him from two to three dimensional work, resulting recently and dramatically in a 9 metre sculpture commission for the National Gallery of Art in Washington. Installed outside the Gallery¹s East Wing in January 2002, it has been hailed by the Director as Œone of the great sculptures of our age.¹ This monumental piece is the culmination of a body of work based on the writings of Heinrich von Kleist, which was seen on exhibition in Europe and Singapore last year. Stella has also been working on designs for habitable spaces, conceiving a number of architectural projects which have yet to come to fruition, such as a Bandshell for Miami and a museum in Germany.

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