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ICA LISTINGS for Friday 2 - Thursday 8 May at the ICA below. Highlights include:


-Film: Thomas Pynchon - a portrait of the enigmatic writer, against a backdrop of US paranoia provoked by the Cuban missile crisis, Vietnam war and government LSD experiments
-Exhibitions: Beck's Futures 2003: still a chance to see this year's controversial entries
-Talks: focus on Iraq - readings by Iraqi poets and a debate on war and the media
-Music: Homesleep records: Top UK signings to the Italian label - Yuppie Flu, Empire of Sponge, Meets Guitar plus special quests Quickspace
-Clubs: Batmacumba - the Brazilian summer has returned!

Friday 2 May - Thursday 8 May
TICKETS & BOX OFFICE INFORMATION: 020 7930 3647 / ICA LISTINGS Friday 2 May - Thursday 8 May


2 Beck's Futures screenings Cinema 2
Fri In This World Cinema 1
Thomas Pynchon Cinema 2 6.30,8.30pm
Wings Cinema 1

3 Beck's Futures screenings Cinema 2
Sat In This World Cinema 1
Derrida Cinema 2
Thomas Pynchon Cinema 2 6.30,8.30pm

4 Beck's Futures screenings Cinema 2
Sun Cavalcade Cinema 1
BFM: Black British Shorts Cinema 1
Derrida Cinema 2
Thomas Pynchon Cinema 2 6.30,8.30pm

In This World Cinema 1

5 Beck's Futures screenings Cinema 2
Mon In This World Cinema 1
Thomas Pynchon Cinema 2 6.30,8.30pm

6 Beck's Futures screenings Cinema 2
Tues In This World: Educational Intro Cinema 1
In This World Cinema 1
Thomas Pynchon Cinema 2 6.30,8.30pm

7 Beck's Futures screenings Cinema 2
Wed In This World Cinema 1
Thomas Pynchon Cinema 2 6.30pm
Halloween Shorts Cinema 2

8 Beck's Futures screenings Cinema 2
Thurs In This World Cinema 1
Thomas Pynchon Cinema 2 6.30,8.30pm


Friday 2 May - Thursday 8 May


**First Run Release**
In This World
'Extraordinary...I urge you to get a ticket' Observer 'astonishing ' Daily Telegraph 'A film of raw power'
**** Total Film
Winner Golden Bear - Berlin Film Festival 2003
Torn from the headlines, Michael Winterbottom's compelling new film follows Jamal, a young Afghan, as he embarks on a hazardous overland trip from the refugee camp at Peshawar through Iran, Turkey, Italy and France to Sangatte and into the heart of London where he becomes 'M1187511'. Winterbottom and his brilliant writer Tony Grisoni have struck a fine balance between the fictional and documentary elements of the film and they give us cause to see behind the headlines at the broader political and moral concerns. Dir Michael Winterbottom UK 2002, 89 mins, English subtitles

**First Run Release**
Thomas Pynchon: A Journey into the Mind of [P.]
'One of American literature's true masters' Rick Moody Unravelling the enigma of the reclusive Thomas Pynchon (b.1937), one of the most influential but least public writers of our time, the Dubinis' compelling documentary makes spirited use of archive photographs, historical documents, news footage and interviews with Pynchon's friends and fanatics. Spiralling around themes of paranoiac conspiracies and mind-control experiments, culminating in an account of an extraordinary lookalike event and the devastating CNN news footage of Pynchon snatched on the streets, the film presents a wonderful feast of Pynchonalia served up with a sense of humour and a generous helping of music by the Residents. Dir Fosco & Donatello Dubini, Germany 2001, 92 mins

**First Run Release**
'Blissful ... a pleasure to watch' New York Times 'Inspirational and unexpectedly moving' Film Comment This award-winning film is an intimate portrait of the brilliant, controversial philosopher and intellectual icon Jacques Derrida, whose theory of 'deconstruction' has deeply influenced the studies of literature, philosophy, ethics, architecture and law, indelibly marking the intellectual landscape of the 20th and 21st centuries. Combining rare private footage of Derrida with his reflections on deconstruction, violence, love and death, the film investigates the concept of biography and explores the relationship between the public and the private.
Dir Kirby Dick/Amy Ziering Kofman, US 2002, 85 mins

'A classic justifying almost every adjectival extravagance ... spectacular' Time Out The first - and only silent - Best Picture winner is presented here accompanied by Carl Davis' extraordinary orchestral score. Distinguished by matchless aerial photography, logistically detailed dogfights and a unique blend of European directorial flair with Hollywood pacing, this First World War classic stars the fantastic Clara Bow as a volunteer ambulance driver whose true-love performs death-defying air-borne manoeuvres. The film also features a telling early appearance by Gary Cooper. With thanks to UIP and Photoplay Productions for this restored print. Dir William A Wellman, US 1927, 131 mins

'Groundbreaking' Sunday Times
Based on the enormously popular stage play by Noel Coward, this tale of two London families was released in the States during the moral, political and financial upheaval of the Depression, its themes clearly resonating with audiences of the day. The film now is fascinating for its portrait of class differences and the epic 30-year span of its story. The interpolated war footage was the work of William Cameron Menzies. With thanks to Twentieth Century Fox and the Academy Film Archive for this newly restored print. Dir Frank Lloyd, US 1933, 110 mins

Bfm Film Club: Black British Shorts
Vivienne Gibson-Forbes: A Portrait of a Film Extra, a spoof documentary about the doyenne of film extras, whose life is explored in frank contributions from colleagues and relatives who paint a vivid picture of a complex yet creative woman (dir Abi Fisher UK 2002 15 mins); Circles When a builder enters the isolated world of a woman who cares for her depressed mother, Lorna's own deeply buried emotions come to the fore (dir Sonia Castang, UK 2001, 11 mins); Perfect Girl follows three South Londoners, witnessing the ups-and-downs of love and the topsy-turvy experiences they face (dir Wayne G. Saunders UK 2001, 60 mins). Total running time 86 mins A Q&A session will follow the screening

Halloween @ the ICA
Charles Bukowski (The Man With Beautiful Eyes), Andrew Motion (The Lines) and Philip Larkin (The Old Fools) are all writers that film-makers have turned to inspiration for in this programme of shorts and animations themed around poetry and prose to celebrate this month's release of Thomas Pynchon. Plus personal narration about growing up in the 70s in the award-winning animation Home Road Movies and Daniel Saul's funny but moving short story about Anglo-Indian life in Calcutta: Morris Jelly House of Fashion. The event also includes Kate Taylor's study of the writings of John Berger in Frankie Checks Out.
Total running time c.70 mins

Friday 2 May - Thursday 8 May
5 Apr-18 May 12-7.30pm daily (13 Apr, 4.30-7.30pm; closed 29 Apr) BECK'S FUTURES 2003 'Dedicated to the support of developing artists, Beck's Futures has established itself as one of the country's premier art prizes' Independent The ICA is delighted to present Beck's Futures 2003, featuring an eclectic mix of some of the most exciting artists now working in the UK. It includes an internet 'cyber globe' under constant bombardment created by Nick Crowe, public interventions by Lucy Skaer and the artist-collective Inventory, work exploring the tools of corporate marketing by Carey Young, performance-derived videos by Alan Currall, David Sherry and Bernd Behr, a short film by Rosalind Nashashibi examining cultural displacement, and a vibrating and moaning mummy by Francis Upritchard. Much of the work in this year's exhibition explores the points at which art grapples with and appropriates everyday routines and public spaces, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction. As well as photographs, drawings and sculpture, many works have a presence beyond the gallery through interventions and performances in the public realm, engagement with broadcast media and the internet. This year's selection was made by the curators Russell Ferguson (Chief Curator, UCLA Hammer Museum); Maria Lind (Director, Kunstverein Munich); Hans Ulrich Obrist (Independent Curator); and the artist Michael Landy, who is the Chair of the panel. Beck's Futures is the result of an ongoing collaboration between the ICA and Beck's and has established a reputation for identifying and supporting the work of the most promising artists in the UK. Each of the participating artists will receive a share of the £40,000 awards-fund that goes towards making Beck's Futures the UK's most generous arts awards. One artist will be selected for a further overall award of £20,000. The exhibition is accompanied by a limited-edition publication with contributions from J G Ballard and Hans Ulrich Obrist, and art historian and writer Michael Archer. A free newsprint exhibition guide will also be available. Beck's Futures 2003 subsequently travels to the CCA, Glasgow and Southampton City Art Gallery. Mon - Fri: £1.50, £1.00 Concs. FREE with ICA Membership; Sat & Sun: £2.50, £1.50 Concs. FREE with ICA Membership

25 Apr-15 May 12-6pm (except 26 Apr 4-6pm and 14 May)
Beck's Futures 2003: Student Prize for Film and Video
Film and video are at the heart of our culture, and this annual event offers and outstanding opportunity to sample the best student work. This year's selection was made by the artist Sam Taylor-Wood and the designer Peter Saville. The selected works will be shown over a long weekend during Beck's Futures. Exhibiting artists will receive a share of £5,000. The programme will subsequently be shown at further venues across the UK. Mon - Fri: £1.50, £1.00 Concs. FREE with ICA Membership; Sat & Sun: £2.50, £1.50 Concs. FREE with ICA Membership Cinema 2

Wed 7 May, 7.15pm
Beck's Futures Talk: Commodifying Dissent
Beck's Futures artist Carey Young will be discussing her work - which explores notions of identity, strategy and progress within an information-based society - alongside presentations by Craig Cohon, Deborah Doane and Peter Osborne. Craig Cohon is founder and Chief Executive of Globalegacy, an organisation that aims to create a new business segment whose mission is the elimination of poverty. Deborah Doane is Head of the Corporate Accountability Programme at the New Economics Foundation, a leading not-for-profit think-tank. Peter Osborne is Professor of Modern European Philosophy at Middlesex University and editor of Radical Philosophy, he is the author, most recently, of Conceptual Art (Phaidon). £6, £5 Concs. £4 ICA Members Brandon Room

Friday 2 May - Thursday 8 May

Mon 5 May, 7pm
I Sing Iraq
Saadi Simawe, guest editor of the new anthology, Iraqi Poetry Today, describes his work translating Iraqi poetry and publishing it in English, as "a desperate effort to save what remains of Iraqi humanity and culture in the face of a brutal dictatorship and war... Although I lost faith in politics long ago.... I still believe in the power of the word...". Tonight three Iraqi poets, Fadhil Assultani, Hashem Shafiq and Sa'adi Yousef read from Iraqi Poetry Today, published by Modern Poetry in Translation. English translations will be read by Stephen Watts.
£5, £4 Concs. £3 ICA Members
Nash Room

Tue 6 May, 7pm
War and the Media
The media's role in this war far exceeds that in any previous conflict. Embedded journalists, 24 hour coverage, Arabic as well as western media available to home viewers, the media sophistication of both the coalition and Iraqi forces - these are just a few of the issues that mark out this war. What exactly do we want from the media and what are their responsibilities, in a conflict which has riven the UK? Speakers include: Jonathan Higgins, expert in the technology of current news reporting; Philip Knightley, journalist and author of The First Casualty-From the Crimea to the Falklands: The War Correspondent as Hero, Propagandist and Myth Maker; Mark Damazer, deputy director for news, BBC; as well as representatives from the Arabic media and other broadsheet and tabloid British press. £8, £7 Concs. £6 ICA Members Nash Room

New Economics Foundation/ICA
Thur 8 May, 7pm
Regime Change in the UK: What Future for Democracy?
With a heavily opposed Iraq war conducted in the name of 'democracy', many are losing faith in Government's ability to represent their views. Cynicism and alienation are widespread, debate is polarised, and politicians are perceived as in thrall to powerful interests. How do we counteract this? How do we construct a genuinely participatory democracy? What would 'power to the people' actually look like? Speakers include: Lord Adebowale, Chief Executive, Turning Point and 'people's peer'; Simon Hughes MP, Liberal Democrat candidate for London mayor; Polly Toynbee, Guardian columnist; and Perry Walker, author of We The People. In the chair: Andrew Simms, policy director at the New Economics Foundation. £8, £7 Concs. £6 ICA Members Nash Room


Friday 2 May - Thursday 8 May


Sun 4 May, 12.30-3.30pm
Public & Social Art Forum
This forum aims to rethink the current status, strategy and affect of participatory art. Today artists can be active in both community and visual arts. Artists Jeanne van Heeswijk and Kathrin Bohm will present their experiences, whilst critically reflecting upon the issues of artist intention, affect, the role of the artist and the position of the participating public. It is expected that the audience will engage and contribute in the ongoing search to identify the criteria and working model for the ideal participatory art project.
£8, £7 Concs, £6 ICA Members
Brandon Room

Tue 6 May, 4-6.15pm
Education Screening : In This World
In This World is a powerful film aiming to dispel prejudice by presenting the reality of asylum seeking from a child's perspective. This education event will identify ways in which the film's core topics can be developed for curriculum, not least for Refugee Week 16-23 June. The event will support teachers, refugee advisors and project workers, ethnic minority achievement co-ordinators, learning mentors and connections personal advisors. Led by Bill Bolloten, Lewisham EMAS Refugee Education Advisor and Lucy Crompton National Co-ordinator for Refugee Week. Please book in advance quoting reduced education rate.
Your ticket for the educational introduction must be reserved through Alexis Johnson in advance. Please email
Cinema 1

Friday 2 May - Thursday 8 May


Homesleep records
Fri 2 May, 7pm
Yuppie Flu, Empire of Sponge, Meets Guitar
'Yuppie Flu plough the angular furrow to the town of Twisted Pop' NME Arrive early for an evening of leftfield guitar pop from Italy's Homesleep Records. Yuppie Flu, return to play their first show in London in nearly two years, with their third and most accomplished album to date Days Before The Day. Empire of Sponge is ex-Quickspace drummer Chin Keeler with a new and refreshing collective. Meets Guitar is the vocal outlet of Billy Mahonie's Gavin Baker, delicately picking his guitar strings. Plus very special guests Quickspace, who open up the event with their joyously chaotic and unpredictable live show.
£8, £7 Concs. £6 ICA Members
Theatre, Bar

Sat 3 May, 8pm;
Cinema 2 11pm-1am
Batmacumba has a double-headed night of music and video from Brazil. In recent years the Brazilian dance music scene has gained international respect. 10 Years of Electronic Music in Brazil (Ruth Slinger, 64 mins, cinema 2) treats the movement as a whole, interviewing pioneers and detailing the evolution of the scene. Back in the bar DJ Cliffy is joined by DJ/producer Mark Robertson of the Spiritual South collective. Expect bombastic bossas, scintillating sambas and future jazz-steppas mixed up in true carnival style.
£6, £5 Concs. Free to ICA Members
Cinema 2, Bar

Wed 7 May, 7-10.30pm
The National Music Network presents: New Music Underground
Meet the people who make the music industry tick. A superb line up of speakers will be taking part in a demo review session of the best unsigned acts in the country, followed by a discussion on the subject of 'how to get a record deal'. The Demo Review: an A&R panel will listen to your demo tapes and explain why they work or why they don't. The best songs will be released on CD. Speakers and guests include; Dean Marsh, leading music industry lawyer who's worked with artist such as Paul Weller, Ms Dynamite, Fat Boy Slim, Sugar Babes, as well as Skint, Ministry of Sound and Avex. Please bring Demo's with you on the night. £5, £4 Concs. £3 ICA Members Theatre

Friday 2 May - Thursday 8 May


23 Apr-11 May; Wed, Thurs, Fri 4-8pm, Sat 2-6pm
Tina Frank, Fuzzy Motion: Pictures Without Legs 1995-2002
Best known for her design and video work for Austrian record label Mego, Tina Frank has become a leading figure operating at the intersection of music, graphic design and the moving image. Frank has collaborated with the likes of Mathias Gmachl of Farmers Manual with whom she formed Skot - an audiovisual 'band', Chicks on Speed, Christian Fennesz, Hecker and labels such as Chocolate Industries, Idea Recordings and Staubgold. The Digital Studio presents the London premiere of Fuzzy Motion - Pictures Without Legs, a collection of Frank's works released on DVD by the Japanese label GAS. A mélange of Frank 'classics' and adventures in new media and the moving image, this is a unique opportunity to sample over twenty works from 7 years of Frank's work on Mego and other projects. The exhibition includes works ranging from the well-known 'Aus' (music by Christian Fennesz) to Skot vs. Hecker - a 30 minute live videowork, characterised by shredded type and crude pixel magnifications - the look of data gone wrong.
Wed-Fri: £1.50, £1 Concs, Free with ICA Membership; Sat: £2.50, £1.50 Concs, Free with ICA Membership Digital Studio

Sat 3 May, 3pm
Geert Lovink: Uncanny Networks
'If you want to know what media theory will say five years from now, then read Uncanny Networks' Bruce Sterling The days of cyberutopia are over. After the dotcom crash and 9/11, an atmosphere of general uncertainty has taken over the Internet. What effect do surveillance and hacktivism have on cyberculture at large? Geert Lovink, founder of the nettime mailing list, co-founder of the online community server Digital City and author of Dark Fiber - essays on Internet Culture and Uncanny Networks published by MIT Press, discusses the similarities between information warfare and net art strategies and the impact militarised discourses are having on virtual communities. Are collaborative weblogs modelled on sites such as Slashdot and Indymedia an answer? How to balance the right to filter and freedom of speech? £7, £5 Concs. £4 ICA members Theatre

Thur 7 May, 7pm
Talk: Artist by Choice, Agent by Default
What does it mean to be a content label and a VJ agency? The team behind VJ label Microchunk gathers for a closing discussion of their ten day Digital Studio residency. MD Irena Levy and the Microchunk team discuss the nature of balancing art and business, and address the growing demands on artists to manage themselves inside independent business structures. Using examples that other entertainment industries can provide to VJs, the Microchunk team host a show and tell session.
Limited space available - please book in advance.
Free with ICA Day Membership
Digital Studio




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