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Apples & Snakes

Apples & Snakes…
2005 New Seasons Listings

broken words

ever longed to be somewhere else? or someone else? ever wanted to escape?

A landmark collaboration between artsdepot and Apples & Snakes

A Spoken word show for young people ages 12 +

Zena Edwards
Rosemary Harris

And a showcase of work by young people at risk of offending tutored by Lennox and Charlie Dark

Hosted by Joseph Coelho

WHEN: Wednesday 23rd Feb

WHERE: artsdepot, 5 Nether Street, North Finchley, London N12 OGA


BOOK: Box office 020 83695454

On Tour from March – April 2005, appearing in Bath, Cambridge, Leicester, Manchester, Derby, Bristol, Plymouth, Croydon, Deptford and Ilford.

For tour dates and more information see

Duckie Nights
Apples & Snakes

For the regular Post Gay Vaudeville & Post Punk Pogo-ing…

@11pm, before the band play – a 10-minute blast of their most provocative works at London’s infamous gay nightclub.

Nolan Weekes January 8th

Crisis January 15th

Malika Booker January 22nd

Francesca Beard January 29th

WHERE: DUCKIE NIGHTS, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Vauxhall, London @ 9pm- 2am

BOOK: Box office 020 7223 2223

Book online -

New Shoots

Ultramodern spoken word performance from a clutch of fresh, and compelling talents, for the first time ever on the BAC stage.


Allie Nicholson

Renell Shaw
Anu Shawhey

Lorna Meehan
Leonard Dilbert

John Berkavitch

An Apples & Snakes event

WHEN: Friday 21st Jan @ 9pm
WHERE: BAC Café/Bar, BAC, Lavender Hill, London, SW11
TICKETS: £4.75/ £3.50
BOOK: Box office 020 7223 2223

Book online - <>

Who’s The Daddy?

Five recently fledged fathers take to the stage for an evening of pop-poetry. Not a dummy in the house.

Matt Harvey

Matt’s bizarre brand of street philosophy has made him a cult-figure on the poetry scene. Arguably Totness’ hottest export


Kindred Spirit’s former host and resident poet, lifts words off the page and breaths life into them. Whether a cappella or with music, his melodic voice and heartfelt words always win us over.

Charlie Dark

Charlie is a modern renaissance man. Not only is he a poet, storyteller and DJ, but also a sharp observer of mankind. He knows a lot about maternity classes too.


Father of one, Darwood cut his teeth in the spoken word band 3+1. With a unique fusion of poetry and hip-hop, he is also a gifted actor.

Compere: Carl Dhiman

A child & baby friendly event

WHEN: Friday 4th Feb @ 9pm

WHERE: BAC Café/Bar, BAC, Lavender Hill, London, SW11
TICKETS: £4.75/ £3.50
BOOK: Box office 020 7223 2223

Book online - <>

Her Elusive Rhythms

Three Women, three voices, three rhythms

Apples & Snakes scoop exclusive previews of novels-in-progress by poets-gone-prose: Malika Booker, Jean Binta Breeze and Misfit.

Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze, writer, actress and poet was awarded a NESTA grant for her forthcoming novel, which transforms traditional Caribbean choreography into a literary form.

Malika, the front woman of Malika’s Poetry Kitchen, is the kind of writer who turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. She is regarded as something of a poetry ambassador via her work with the British Council around the world.

Misfit’s performances are a passionate hybrid of song and spoken word, all delivered with a distinctive London twang. She has appeared on Radio 3’s The Verb. Hip-hop rhymes meet dreamy metaphors and jazzy vocals.

Compere: Patricia Foster

An Apples & Snakes event

WHEN: Friday 18th Feb @ 9pm

WHERE: BAC Café/Bar, BAC, Lavender Hill, London, SW11
TICKETS: £4.75/ £3.50
BOOK: Box office 020 7223 2223

Book online - <>

Have I Got Poems For You?

Hold the front page! Quick-witted bards do battle in current affairs quiz. Alleged.

Questionmistress – Chloe Poems

Fun to be with, frivolous and more controversial than Angus Deayton

Team Captain – Luke Wright

Luke is the mainstay of Aisle 16, the up and coming hit of Glastonbury last year. His poetry cuts a swathe through popular culture. Nothing is safe from his razor-sharp rhymes and vitriolic verse-forms.

Team Captain – Denrele
Sassy, sussed and saucy, specialising in love and other sexually-transmitted diseases, Denrele is very much our home affairs correspondent.

An Apples & Snakes event

WHEN: Friday 4th March @ 9pm
WHERE: BAC Café/Bar, BAC, Lavender Hill, London, SW11
TICKETS: £4.75/ £3.50

BOOK: Box office 020 7223 2223

Book online - <>

Furnace Showcase

Imtempo hits the stage in a one-night-only smash hit event, a showcase celebration of work achieved during Furnace.

Hosted by course leader – Mic Lord Redeem

Now running for the 5th time, Furnace is an established route into the world of performance poetry.

Mic Lord teaches his students in seven performance-based workshops using personal, social and cultural experience, teaching his students to improvise lyrically and dramatically.

An Apples & Snakes event

WHEN: Friday 18h March @ 9pm
WHERE: BAC Café/Bar, BAC, Lavender Hill, London, SW11

BOOK: Box office 020 7223 2223

Book online -

Workshop Dates:
Fridays 7pm-9pm
Jan 14th and 21st
Feb 4th and 18th
March 4th and 11th

Just £10 including free entrance to Apples & Snakes shows of this season.


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