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20 January - 6 March 2005

M. Dragicevic, Falsifikacija, 2004, oil on linen, 110 x 126 cm

IBID Projects is pleased to present Milena Dragicevic’s second solo show at the gallery.

Falsifikacija acts as a complex visual and psychological riddle. In this new series of paintings the artist constructs a paradoxical world which is simultaneously inaccessible and concealing yet full of revelations, dynamic and still, abstract and figurative, contemporary and intentionally anachronistic. The paintings accentuate the moment of transformation - opposites implode into one another; the viewer activates, ‘unlocks’ the artwork and the border between representational realm and the spectator’s reality collapses.

The human figures depicted are not portraits of specific people, but actors absorbed in anticipation of some magic event, withdrawn and secretive. Their macabre gazes capture the viewer and interpolate him/her into the ritual of representation and reflection of the self.

Dragicevic’s paintings contain and juxtapose abstracted shapes and multiple perspectives with a sense of art historical déjà vu, elements of modernist design, doubled log cabins and topiary bushes, obscure sculpture by George Tullard and geometric forms with references to spiritualism and theories of probability.

Notions of falsification belong most comfortably to the discourses of theology and philosophy of science, yet Dragicevic’s paintings suggest that it is particularly relevant to the opaque powers of art - acts of representation and naming, the seduction of images and doubt towards singularity of truth.

Milena Dragicevic lives and works in London. She has recently exhibited in Martin Janda Gallery, Vienna, I-20 Gallery, New York, Man in the Holocene, London and The Yugoslav Biennial of Young Artists in Vrsac.

Private view Wednesday 19 January 2005, 7-9pm

For more information please contact the gallery on + 44(0) 208 983 4355 or

Next exhibition: Carey Young, 17 March - 1 May 2005

210 Cambridge Heath Rd
Unit 4 London E29NQ UK

t/f: +44 (0)208 9834355


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