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Conscious Fashion Week 2005
13th-17th February 2005
RampART Creative centre
15-17 Rampart street
Whitechapel, E1 2LA

The RampART Creative centre are holding an alternative fashion week to the posh 'London Fashion Week',
from 13th-17th February.

With workshops/talks/screenings on:
Campaigns against sweat shops in the fashion industry (yes this also exists in Whitechapel), campaigns against child labour in the fashion industry, pressures of the modelling industry causing eating disorders on girls/women, environnemental damage by the fashion industry, the activist use of fashion, liberating fashion, alternative materials like hemp, recycling clothes, DIY fashion (weaving, sewing, knitting, crocheting, millining, lingerie, cobbeling, screenprinting/stenciling) ... and fashion shows that reclaim the catwalk!!!

The rampART Creative Centre and Social Space is an occupied building in East London. Since the summer of 2004, rampART has been hosting cultural and political events, including a community cinema, exhibitions, benefit gigs, discussions, meetings and workshops etc. The venue provides a large hall for public events upto around 400 people, a makeshift stage, and small PA, kitchen facilities, library, meeting rooms, workshop space, band rehearsal and recording room, video and audio editing, radio studio, internet access including public Wi-Fi, and a shared office.

contact selene for more information or view website

Kartoffelkopf, an experimental audience-activated sculpture.

Starting from a provided ‘bare base’, visitors are invited to attach objects they have found or created.
Inspired by the Mr. Potato Head toy, the object will grow and sprout ‘features’ during the five day event.

This cumulative art piece is an attempt at bringing fluid dialogue into the creative process, with contributions hopefully being verbal as much as physical.
Visitors are encouraged to document, in some way, the progress of the developing structure – the results being displayed on the walls surrounding the work.

One interpretation of the German word Kartoffelkopf(potato head) is ‘Silly Person’, this perhaps mirrors the unpredictable nature of the project…

The 5 Days of events encompassing the Kartoffelkopf include:
Opening Night, Friday 18th February 8pm till late.
Monster Mash experimental music night, Saturday 19th 8pm till late.
Mish Mash open submission film night, Sunday 20th 7pm till 11pm.
Still Life drawing class, Monday 21st 7pm till 10pm.
Closing Night, Tuesday 22nd 8pm till late.

Ernst Travois
"… committed to questioning the boundaries of art practice, and an on going research into collaborative processes setup with the aim of encouraging dialogue towards a true investigation, of group authorship of artwork. Aspiring equally to joint working methodologies and an exploration of socially engaged practice"

ernst travois, alan liddiard & paul lewis, and…


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First Colour printing service in in central London Westminster, Covent Garden and West End. Services include litho printing, digital services, copying & binding, posters & banners and graphic design.    

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