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Tablet gallery

Marion Coutts

Tablet gallery
The Tabernacle
Powis Square
London W11 2AY

Jan 15 – Feb 26

Open Monday to Saturday 12-6pm

Private view Friday Jan 14 from 6-8.30pm

A recent news item reported that people are increasingly throwing away loose change. Those beautiful copper coins are, it seems, simply not worth hanging on to in an age of internet transactions and credit cards. As symbolic objects however, their cultural currency now outweighs their face value. At Tablet gallery Marion Coutts is showing a pair of new sculptural works made of money.

Tenner is made up of ten quid - a thousand pennies - stacked up in a single gleaming 6 ft column, rising upright from the floor to the height of a person.

A twinned coin piece, Breeder, has two low mounds rising from the gallery floor that appear to be growing, splitting or fusing from a liquid mass of scattered pennies.

Rigidity plays against fluidity, stack against spread, save against spend.

"...see: how money breeds, naked,
for your enjoyment, money's genitals on view, nothing concealed, the whole action.."
Rilke (Duino Elegies X)

Marion Coutts was the Kettle’s Yard Fellow 2003-04. Solo shows include Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge (2003) and Chisenhale Gallery, London (2002). In
2001 she was Artist in Residence at Tate Liverpool. A monograph on her work was produced in 2003, co-published by Film and Video Umbrella and firstsite.

Tablet gallery hosts an aspirational programme that offers first-time chances to encounter contemporary art within a unique West London context.
For more information please call Mark Wilsher on 020 7565 7803 or

Forthcoming projects include Robin Deacon, Amikam Toren


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