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Paul Becker

January 15 – February 6 2005 1-6pm

In his paintings, Paul Becker uses the interaction of human and animal
as the basis for a dysfunctional narrative that threads its way
ambiguously through a series of heavy anxieties, childhood fears and
differing emotional states. These sometimes indeterminate
representations and subfusc, crepuscular tones tread a shaky line
between nightmare and sweet dream.

The drawings, shown for the first time at Transition, follow this same
line; using a semi-familiar children’s illustration archetype to offer
security and comfort but also mystery, equivocation even violence.

It is left to us to decipher whether these drawn and painted scenes
are meant to represent an alternate reality or part of the dream.
Figures seem passive (often sleeping), animals appear benign, but the
disturbing juxtapositions of gentleness and implicit menace only serve
to make events too indeterminate for us to fathom.

Transition 110a Lauriston Road, London E9 7HA 07941 208566 / 020 8533 7843


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