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291 Gallery JANUARY 2004 PROGRAMME

291 Poetry and Spoken Word
Brave tales for Winter Nights - Storytelling and Music in Hackney

Eternal Song - Stories from the Kalevala
Wednesday 14th January 2004 8pm £5/£3

The Kalevala is the national epic of Finland, containing stories some 5,000 years old. Stories of Creation, the birth of song, the origin of fire, unfolding in an ancient world, rich in the spirits of forest, sea and sky. Nick Hennessy brings out the song in the story and the story in the song. He is a powerful, passionate performer - wordsmith, singer and musician. He has travelled in Finland and the Russian Karelia and in 2000 he won the 6th World Championship of the Finno-Ugric epic singing.

The Curse of Kali
Wednesday 25th February 2004 8pm £5/£3

On the red sands of the southern tip of India stands an ancient temple. It tilts towards the sea as though about to fall in. At a high tide, the sea sweeps through the courtyard while the wind wails past the pillared corridors. According to the local people it is the cry of eterenal suffering, of souls under a never-ending curse... The story of a dangerous bargain with a goddess, the sacrifice of a dancer and the overpowering love of a father. Seema Anand captivates her audience, telling ancient myth for modern times. she dares to ask the question: is it possible to carve out one¹s own fate?
After the show - music by Nasha Records in the bar -

291 Music Nights in the Bar
THE SOUTH HACKNEY INSITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, The Michael Portillo School of Occult Studies and 291 Gallery presents......... in Association with Violet the Cat¹s Pataphysical Space Programme........ A lot of interesting music being played by some guy named Dave. An evening of recorded musical entertainment with a written exam to follow in the bar of 291....
Thursday 15th January, some time after 7pm until they make us go home - free entry

291 Digital Evenings
Wednesday 21st January 2004, 8pm, Entry free

im presents inspired forays into choppy beats and sine wave melodies, hinting at the syncopated structures of jazz, two step and drum & bass. The sound of sicamore is both personal and endearing. Loose, patchwork tunes offering strong melodies and heart wrenching lyrical observations, warm, clever, alienated and joyous.
Orphan revisits the repetitive rhythms and discordant melodies of techno, as she twists the form to create an atmosphere which is at once machinic and organic. Makinoises minimal compositions use the specific qualities of the glitch to weave a flickering tapestry of deep melodic gestures and subtle rhythms. Rossique will be bringing a varied box of vinyl for your listening pleasure.

291 Live Music
Saturday 24th January 2004 9pm - 2am

WHIRLWIND HEAT, bring their scuzzed-up, Jack White-produced, Terry Richardson approved, art noise to the vaulted beams of VAUDEVILLE!!! A live act to surpass any other... They may be young, they may be cute, but where the hell do they get all their energy from???
Tickets: £10 (+ booking fee) TicketWeb on or 08700 600 100.

291 Poetry and Spoken Word
Monday 26th January (and on the last Monday of every month) 7pm

The first speakeasy of the New Year with host and MC Baden Prince Jnr and a new line up:
Bette O'Callaghan: Been there, done it. Don't try this at home...
Toke - the African Queen
Phase - Sensitivity with lyrical intensity
Niall O'Sullivan - the Artful Dodgers cheeky older brother
Aoife Mannix - looks like fun but you know its bound to end in tears
Music from acoustic magician Alisha Sufit
entry £4

291 Digital Evenings
Thursday 29th January 7.30pm

- now: east london experimental 5 piece - catchy, comely, grooving, experimental, temperamental, spontaneous, contemporary, inventive, pragmatic, exotic, singular, feline, bountiful, excitable, serendipitous, nutritious, mercurial, melodious, harmonious. with sets including a multifarious array of instrumentation including gongs, harmoniums, frogs, castanets and telephones.
- fs_ion: south london based solo artist presenting a set of electro, punk aural onslaughts which break through with powerful melodies and glorious femme fatale sentiments.
- ann-maire james: a new short video piece - 'original motion picture sountrack'
- new photographic and filmic work from associated utrophia artists tbc,

291 Film & Video - Call for Submissions

TAPE291 is an annual film/video and new digital media event dedicated to showcasing the work of emerging and established artists. We are seeking work that demonstrates a diverse and innovative approach. If you have a short film/video/video installation/animation/new digital media work and would like to apply to take part in this event, please send submissions to Deana Wright, TAPE291 at 291 Gallery. TAPE 291, Deadline: January 12th 2004

For information about 291 Gallery or the 291 Programme contact Lisa Jensen: 0207 613 5676

291 Gallery, Director Edwina Orr,
291 Hackney Road London E2 8NA
Tel:020 7613 5676 Fax: 020 7613 5692


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