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Exhibition Date: Tuesday 20/01/04 – 14/02/04


Jo Barrett>Loren Beven>Tritan Braho>Paul Catherall>Tom Hackney>Kathryn Lang>Louise Lawton>Gillian Leigh>Dan McDermott>David McKeran>Duncan Pickstock>Gill Rocca>Kes Richardson>Dominic Shepherd

Introducing: Michael Craik>Freya Douglas-Morris

Featuring fourteen artists who exhibit regularly with Clapham Art Gallery, as well as introducing two exciting new discoveries in Michael Craik and Freya Douglas-Morris, this show promises to be an eclectic and vibrant painting exhibition.

Each artist is known for their superb technical accomplishment and individual style. This is an ideal opportunity to view a range of work from hyper-realism to material abstraction, and to witness the means by which contemporary artists often achieve their final product. Many artists here employ the use of film and photography within their process, highlighting the contemporary tendency to embrace modern technologies. For example, we have Dan McDermott who makes his own cine-films before converting to VHS and then photographing the TV screen before rendering his final image in oil paint. Kathryn Lang also acquires her image from film before using a computer to design a complicated, abstracted final version where the image is obscured by shifted linear strips. This is then rendered in meticulously painted oil on aluminium. Kes Richardson also embraces computer technology by downloading his images from internet porn before abstracting and designing his subject and then painting in acrylic on canvas.

This exhibition is also a chance to witness the development of our various gallery artists. Many have been showing with Clapham Art Gallery for up to five years now. In that time artists such as Kes Richardson, Dan McDermott and Tom Hackney have grown from obscurity to being renowned through publications such as Art Review, GQ and The Face. Others such as Gill Rocca, Jo Barrett, Paul Catherall and Tritan Braho have featured heavily in The Observer, The Independent, The Telegraph and various other national and local publications. In addition, many such as Louise Lawton have achieved considerable commercial success and have become internationally sought after.

We are therefore proud to provide an overview of such a talented collection of individual talents in our first exhibition of 2004.

Clapham Art Gallery
61 Venn Street
London SW4 0BD

Unit 02
40-48 Bromell's Road
London SW4 0BG

+44 (0)20 7720 0955

Gallery Hours: Tue-Sat 11am-7pm


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