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Until 15 Feb 04
Jerwood Space, 171 Union Street, London SE1 OLN
Open Tuesday - Saturday 11am-6pm, Sunday 1pm-6pm

Elizabeth Price’s first London major solo exhibition, as part of the Jerwood Artists Platform, provides the artist with a much need survey at a pivotal time in her career. Following on from the recent success of ‘Denness’ (Mobile Home) and ‘Taking Speed’ (1,000,000mph), Price’s Jerwood Artists Platform provides audiences with an opportunity to survey key tasks undertaken by the artist over the last decade.

Signature pieces such as the ‘Boulder’ – a sphere of brown packing tape conceived in 1996 and now in excess of 1metre in diameter – will be shown alongside a collection of new and other ongoing works.

Price’s practice is characterized by her documentation of a personal task or commitment. Usually straightforward, sometimes dumb and on occasion laborious, each task is extended over a long period during which time every exhibition of them constitutes a new episode in the process of fulfilling the task.

For the forthcoming exhibition Price has created ‘Hearse attending Jerwood Space’, the latest installment in an ongoing series of photographs in which Price photographs a hearse and its attendant driver waiting outside the gallery in which she is exhibiting. In another new series to be exhibited for the first time ‘Instructions faithfully followed’ Price uses the very formal medium of gouache on paper to reproduce crumpled and discarded notes and found instructions.

Advance copies of a fully illustrated catalogue with essay by Sally O’Reilly are available on request.

Elizabeth Price will also be showing at Platform, 3 Wilkes Street, London E1 from 5 March to 11 April 2004.


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