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Re: Presentations of Everyday Life

Exhibition dates: 17 Jan - 15 Feb 04

For their third exhibition at The Approach, Inventory present six recent video works. Video has always been one facet of their multimedia approach to examining and transforming the contents of societal phenomena; video making as admixtures of mythological surveyor, psychological cartographer, silent empathic observer, melancholic ethnographer and passionate enthusiast.

The video¹s include; Flesh and Stone, a poetic lament on the constraints of urban existence, filmed in London in the Summer 2003. Still Life on The South Bank¹ observes two statue performers who momentarily interrupt the tourist spectacle by having a fag break, returning to their frozen stance at the chime of Big Ben. The Absence of Myth traces the mapping of heroic Greek names onto London street signs and everyday commercial products.

In Ostalgia (meaning nostalgia for the goods, symbols and culture of the former East Germany) an old man in Prohlis, Dresden heart renchingly and painstakingly cleans his Trabant, motor car, whilst Thunderball documents American drag racers in Essex involved in the excessive pursuit of burning rubber.

Sleepwalkers, is an account of Inventorys visit to a British Americana festival in Newark, Nottinghamshire in which they set out to investigate whether there really is a special relationship between Britain and America.

The Gallery is open Wednesday ­ Sunday, 12 ­ 6pm or by appointment


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