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Ocean Wave II - UPDATE 12. JAN. 2004

The rain has been torential recently but my trusty £6.99 yellow fisherman wet suit has held off the pouring rain. the only problem has been that the exertion used to propel my vessel causes me to sweat profusely and the wet suit does not allow the sweaty liquid to escape, so every time I stop or have a break I get cold really quickly because I am wet on the inside. obviously good equipment like some sort of gortex would be great but my budget does not allow for £150 suits. I will endevour to struggle on making do with what i got.

Also I have as you might know been using my right leg as a rudder, no ship could sail without one. Late on saturday evening I started to feel a twinge in my right knee and by this morning monday, the twinge has grown into what I hope is not a Gazza type injury.

Anyway enough of the moaning I have now reached Islington and the crowds which have supported me along my route have been fantastic, including the young scitter who tagged my yellow wet suit the other day with an indelible marker pen.
I will write soon, mark.



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