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Whitechapel Gallery - Pulse: Free live music event

Laptop Lounge (Songs for a LapTop Nation)

Performed by ZeroPing at Pulse

Thursday February 12, 2004 7:P.M.
Whitechapel Gallery, Whitechapel High Street (Aldgate East Tube) London

Pulse: Free live music event

Zero Ping is Chun Lee (Sonicvariable) and Konrad Kinard (Slash Orchestra). The band formed in 2003 and has been presented throughout Europe. Laptop Lounge is a collection of songs presented for the Café Society.

"Konrad Kinard sings like a relaxed Jim Morrison, songs about the Devil…" - New York Times

For more information, see

The Giro Playboy & Flora

The Pulse residents continue their unique collaboration, with Mr Smith reading stories about London from his Giro Playboy series, and Flora's music filling in the pauses with laid back melodies and beats that trot.

Programmed by John Baker
In association with Arthrob Recordings



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