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BROADBENT - will and compulsion

6 Feb - 6 Mar 04


Edward Chell, Raul Gabriel, Katerina Ivanišin, Nigel O’Neill, Mark Pearson, Andrew Vass, Manijeh Yadegar

Mark Pearson – Support-Conflict, 2000

The forthcoming exhibition, will and compulsion, features seven artists new to the gallery, chosen by gallery artists Pierre Imhof, Ingrid Kerma and Kate Palmer.

Broadbent has always been committed to contemporary abstraction, showing an exciting variety of work by artists from Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the United States. At a time of renewed discussion regarding the importance of painting and of the possibilities of abstraction among both critics and an emerging generation of younger artists, this show was conceived as an opportunity to explore the range of work being made in this vein today.

All of the artists work in Britain, but one is from Croatia, another from Iran and another from Italy. Some are young, others older. Some are showing for the first time in this country, while others have made long-established careers, both here and abroad. They are very various, too, in the styles and artistic concerns of their work, ranging from the firm, even, flatness of O’Neill’s optical illusions to the swirling dissolution of Ivanišin’s quasi-landscapes. However, they all use paint, exploring in their different ways the place where, willingly and unwillingly, matter becomes vision.

The show opens on the 6th February 2004

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