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tablet - Nicolás Laiz Placeres

23 Jan - 29 Feb 04
Wed to Sun 12-6pm

Scandinavian sun worshippers, German grannies, British lager louts and French family groups - come to the Canary Islands before next season when ten million European fun seekers drop by. The Canaries are a seething mass of oiled flesh jiggling in the lap of the waves and to the beat of discos, bars and gay nightclubs. They offer the worst of mass tourism: concreted shorelines, tacky apartment block after tacky apartment block, and bars where you can pretend you’ve never left home.

This exhibition consists of a large scale video projection shot in the Canary Islands and a sculpture made from the fabric used for windsurfing sails. The brutalist architecture of mass tourism forms the backdrop to a medidative dissection of local and international cultures at the place where they meet, the beach.

Nicolás Laiz Placeres graduated from the Goldsmiths College Fine Arts MA last year. He has exhibited previously in Berlin, Madrid, Bilbao, and Lanzarote. This will be his first solo show in the UK.

The Tabernacle
Powis Square
London, W11 2AY


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