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ATRIUM Gallery - Julian Wild

Recent work by Julian Wild

ATRIUM Gallery
1 Embankment Place WC2N 6NN
Nearest tube Embankment

13th June – 25th July
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
By appointment only, please phone 020 7213 5983

Julian Wild’s collection of pieces on show at the Atrium Gallery is a glimpse of the alter egos of our everyday plumbing paraphernalia. His work draws on our normal associations with utilitarian materials such as copper piping, and the subsequent subversion of those. Through unorthodox formation the materials are shown to have a self-expressive agenda and hidden eloquence of their own. As we enter the space we catch an outwardly ordered cube of piping losing
its innards to disarray.A jumble of angular plastic joints manages to achieve a sphere.
>From five storeys up a pipe descends and plunges out into a graceful ellipse. A plumbing circuit networks before surreptitiously sending a line out into the surrounding offices. Giant squelches invite close examination of their oversize surfaces – toothpaste-thick reams sumping into voluminous ceramic piles. Disclosures of unknown activities, Wild’s show is a furtive reminder that things may not be as they seem.

Review by Elizabeth Richman


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