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Fore reasons

04 of June – 02 of July

Private view, Friday 03 of June 6 – 9pm

At “Family Tree” we are showcasing the work of Japanese Artist, Katsunobu Yaguchi a.k.a. Mr Corking. “Corking project” is one of his current projects including various ranges of media such as performance, language, sculpture, installation, painting , drawing, product and etc.

One of “Corking Project”’ is about conserving the natural cork and cork forest. He protests against the plastic cork, which is taking over the natural ones because of the cost of production that leads to disturbing chain of lives in cork forest .  



Natural cork is made of bark of cork tree, which naturally regenerates while 9years. Also stripping the bark encourages the trees to grow. There are many creatures and endangered animals live there and 80,000 people depend on the cork industry in the Mediterranean. Plastic corks do not melt back into the earth. In fact, London might be the most consuming wine city in the world and there is no recycling and no plan for it. This therefore also causes environmental destruction.

I really feel that artists have a responsibility, by producing work to draw peoples’ attention to these matters and to re-examine the symbiosis between human society and the natural world as life and art. We are not only living in a country but also living on the earth.

During the time Mr. Corking is taking over the shop window, presenting four seasons of installations are entitled “Fore reasons” and selling one off screen-printed t-shirts. He created window display shelf out of original floor wood found in the basement of “family tree” and recycled these granddad generation material into a new life.

For more information about Katsunobu Yaguchi and “CORKING PROJECT” please visit



Fore reasons

Season1 ( 4 June – 11 June)
Season2 (13 June – 18 June)
Season3 (20 June – 25 June)
Season4 (27 June – 2 July)

At “Family tree” 53 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4QL
Tube: Angel/Farringdon
Tel/020 7278 1084
Opening hours: Mon – Sat 10 – 6pm close: Sun


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