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Fashion & Textile Museum


What is the cost of fashion? June 8, 15, 29 & July 13 6.30 – 8.00pm  
The Fashion & Textile Museum is proud to continue its much-anticipated series of Wednesday evening talks.  Sponsored by Newham College, this particular series will explore and debate four controversial topics whilst attempting to answer the question ‘what is the cost of fashion?’  
8 June: Fashion and the Environment: What does the fashion industry and consumerism really do to the environment?  
A Discussion lead by Dr. Kate Fletcher, whose PhD in 1999 at Chelsea College of Art and Design investigated eco design strategies in the UK Textile Industry. She has published and lectured widely on eco design, and worked as a consultant for clients as varied as Marks and Spencer, People Tree and The Salvation Army. Fletcher will lead a discussion and present how eco textiles is not only about resource flows and quality of life, it’s also about fashion, politics, consumption, feeling empowered and being creative.
  15 June: Fashion and Body Image: Is the fashion industry responsible for promoting an unrealistic body image, leading to anorexia and other disorders?   A short film by fashion photographer Rankin is followed by a discussion with an exciting panel including Dr. Susie Orbach (Fat is a Feminist Issue), Susan Ringwood, director of EDAUK (Eating Disorders Association U.K.), plastic surgeon Mr. Simon Withey, and members of the fashion press.    29 June: Fashion and Working Conditions: Is there an ‘ethical revolution sweeping through the world’s sweatshops?’ as the Independent suggested in a recent article?   Are large fashion companies really cleaning up their act and turning away from inhumane working conditions? A distinguished panel, chaired by a marketing guru with a conscience, Diane Verde Nieto from Clownfish Marketing, includes fashion icon Katharine Hamnett, fashion journalist Fleur Britten, Chad Hagen, CEO of Wildlife Walks, and a member of the pressure group Labour Behind The Label.    13 July: Fashion and Faith Imagery: Does the fashion industry have a responsibility to show sensitivity towards people’s religious convictions?  
Or can sacred images be plundered in the name of art? A thought-provoking discussion led by art critic and fashion writer Ana Finel Honigman will be based on controversial instances of high fashion appropriating religious garments and referencing images considered sanctified by religious groups.



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