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Maja Bajevic


Private View and Lecture by Professor Janis Jefferies, Monday 6th June 2005 6-8 pm The Foundation for Women’s Art at 4th Floor, 53-56 Great Sutton St, London EC1Exhibition 4th -12th June 2005 11am - 6pm Daily

 Professor Janis Jefferies is an artist, writer and curator. She is Director of the Constance Howard Resource and Research Centre in Textiles and co-Director of the Goldsmiths Digital Studios. She will base her lecture on material from her Telos books on Gender and Identity and Postcolonialism and Creativity whilst discussing Bajevic's work within these contexts.

Arttextiles 3 is pleased to announce the UK solo premier of artist Maja Bajevic with a new work commissioned by the Constance Howard Resource and Research Centre in Textiles, created in Bosnia Herzegovina in May 2005 and shown in London in June 2005. This is the first major solo show of Bajevic and her new commission in London.

The site-specific work was made over five days in May 2005 in Visoko, an area that lies 20kms. north west of the capitol, Sarajevo. During this time the artist worked with local leather traders, craftsmen and former workers of KTK Visoko (a tannery and garment factory), to produce a leather structure encasing a traditional Bosnian-style house. Following the war in Boznia Herzegovina, the area of Visoko is struggling to rebuild its economy, exporting products, based on the regional tradition of textiles and tanneries. KTK Visoko is the largest factory of its kind in the region, it employed 5000 before the war and less than 1800 today due to the damaged infrastructure, buildings, and loss of international trade.

Bajevic's new collaborative project is a progression of her previous practice, including projects such as Women at Work (1999-2001), in which she worked closely with five women from Srebrenica who had become refugees during the war. The new project evokes the recent war-torn history of the region, one that is written into the structures of the landscape, with buildings visibly scarred by violence. In
sewing together 150 square metres of leather around the structure of a house, creating a protective casing more fragile than the building itself, Bajevic engages with issues of economic and psychological loss by making physical the experience of mourning a community's traditional livelihood and industry.

Maja Bajevic's commission is exhibited in London as documentary photographs of the site-specific project by London-based Belgian photographer Thierry Bal and as a DVD projection shot by Dejan Vejic.

Maja Bajevic has exhibited widely internationally and has recently, in late 2004 had her US solo premier at P.S.1. She has also participated in the 50th Venice Biennale (Bosnia-Herzegovina Pavilion), Venice, Italy, Blood & Honey: Future is in the Balkans, Sammlung Essl, Klausterneuberg, Austria (2003); Looking Awry, ApexArt, New York (2003), Biennial de Valencia, Valencia, Spain, the Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey (2001), and Manifesta 3, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2000).


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