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…Is Somewhere

Diane Bielik,Plastic Roses,2005,cccccccccc Karl Bielik,Surrounded By Love,2003

Private View: Friday, Friday 17 th June, 6 to 9pm. Followed by a special event at Club Bomonti,
9 til late, featuring a performance by Lark at 9:30.

Exhibition open: 18 th June to 3 rd July, Saturday and Sunday, 12 to 6pm or by appointment.

Karl Bielik
Diane Bielik
Crestina Velia Forcina
Luke Goodrich
Adolfo Harrison
Ocean Mims
Susan Overell
Madeline Tanoto
Joanna Whelan
Claire Zakiewicz

Terrace is an artist-run gallery and studio in a former factory behind Kingsland Road. The space was central in the formation of our group of artists, working in a diverse range of practices. Our intention is to create both the possibility and space for the development and exchange of creative practices and ideas.

The multi-disciplined nature of the resident artists has informed the way in which the space will be explored and, in extending the invitation to other artists, we hope to create the opportunity for discussion and collaboration.

“Somewhere is….” is the inaugural show. Presented in two parts, the first in the evening on Friday 17th June, will offer an introduction to Terrace as a platform for art, music, film and jewellery.

The second part is an exhibition of the work of the studio artists and will be open to the public during the three weekends following the Friday night.

Terrace, 4-17 Frederick Terrace, London E8 4EW
Tel: 07913 681 286



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