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Zimmer Stewart Gallery

During July/August 2005 (8th July to 14th August) we will present the work of four painters and five ceramists. The mix of work on show continues our aim of developing applied arts alongside fine art. Some of the artists have exhibited at the gallery in the past year or so, others are new and will be shown here for the first time:

This exhibition provides a rich variety of work from some original artists. The bold use of colour and brushstrokes in the work of Jonathan Joubert and Jo Lamb contrast with the attention to detail in the ceramics of Eric Mellon and Peter Wills.

We welcome the return of both Barbara Macfarlane and Lilia Umana-Clarke with new work, and introduce a new ceramist Jonathan Wade, with his large bowls decorated in the style of Japanese calligraphy.

Although they has shown at the Zimmer Stewart Gallery before, Maggie Tredwell and Kitty Shepherd will surprise us with new directions in their work (painting and ceramics respectively).

Jonathan Joubert - These paintings, which at first appear brutal and garish, are full of movement and a sensuous delight in the act of painting. His love of surface texture and the application of paint through deliberate action, happenstance and accident is influenced by Francis Bacon and Philip Guston

Jo Lamb - Having trained as a textile designer Jo’s paintings present us with a cheerful fantasy world, bordering on the surreal. Her work includes landscapes and figurative paintings in her unique style.

Barbara Macfarlane - These paintings come from the landscape, mostly focusing on the horizon. This creates the proportions of the painting and defines the areas of colour. It is sometimes a clear division, more often obscured or blurred. Although she paints from many locations, she always returns to paint favourite/familiar places such as Kingley Vale and East Head.

Maggie Tredwell - Still life paintings reflecting the transience of things, commenting on the value that we give to certain objects, plus landscape paintings illustrating a fascination for the unloved and uncared for places within an urban environment. Although representational, the paintings show an interest in the fluidity of paint and of abstract shapes.

Eric Mellon - He is a rarity amongst today’s artistic community; he is equally able to produce ceramics, paintings, drawings and prints with inspiration coming from classical mythical stories. His thrown stoneware vessels are decorated with ash glazes with figurative decoration.

Kitty Shepherd - These "pots" cross the boundaries of craft into art. Kitty describes herself as a medieval artisan with a need to decorate every surface. Kitty is best known for her work depicting flora and fauna and the natural world and has spent many years developing and perfecting her slipware.

Lilia Umana-Clarke - Inspiration in her work comes from early South American civilisations and their symbolic use of human and animal imagery. Lilia tries to explore ideas about relationships and states of mind, combining geometric abstraction with more expressive sculpture.

Jonathan Wade - This work includes coil built earthenware bowls decorated in the style of Japanese calligraphy with a gilded metal leaf interior. Jonathan also makes thrown porcelain jars and cups. These are influenced by Indian tiffin tins and oriental celadon wares.

Peter Wills - A professional potter since 1989, Peter's work has been evolving over the years within the context of attention to detail, balanced form/decoration, and passion. Of his numerous influences, Bernard Leach was one of the first and strongest; Sung and Tang Dynasty Chinese pots have also been an inspiration, along with major 20th-century European potters such as Lucie Rie, Hans Coper and Michael Cardew.


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