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Artvaults 2005 Beneath the City of Southampton/ Contemporary Art

artvaults 2005
Only 5 weeks remain until the launch of artvaults, the art event of the summer 2005!
Opening night Thursday 7th July

Exhibition runs from 9th July to 9th October 2005

What is artvaults?
After the successful launch of artvaults in 2004, in which five previously inaccessible medieval sites were opened as exhibition spaces for contemporary visual art, artvaults is back for 2005!
The arts organisation a space in collaboration with Southampton City Council have added three new sites to the tour for 2005, (this is still only a fraction of the space lying beneath this historic city.)  Each vault will feature installed works of art, forming symbiotic relationships with their medieval surroundings, enhancing the historic beauty, whilst allowing for a few surprises.  The exhibited artworks are all site specific and will be drawn from such mediums as sculpture, light, sound, print and installation, created by artists represented through a space.

Artists exhibiting in this year’s event are; Annette Kuska – sculptural forms incorporating print. Dawn Shorten – light based sculpture. Alan Bond - a planetarium built from found objects. David Dixon - an installation of marbled coloured dust. Julian Rowe and Sally Staples - sculpture and the written word. May Cornet- light installation. Pauline Pratt- light instillation. Lucy May – drawing and light installation.   
The general public can access the artvaults every Saturday and Sunday from 12 Noon until 4pm.  
Maps will be available to guide you around the old town area of Southampton, informing you of the art works exhibited and explaining important elements in regard to the historical significance of the vaults themselves. * The tour takes approximately an hour to walk leaving you with a real sense of artistic discovery and historical understanding

The event is FREE of charge  


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