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em-pir’ikal adj. resting on trial or experiment: known only by experience

Carefully selected artists, based in Hackney and the east end, exhibit fresh new work in conjunction with Hackney Empire’s Spice Festival.

Painting, sculpture, drawing, screen-prints, photography, performance, video,and computer generated images from twenty five artists collate in a show that guarantees an engaged audience.


Charlie Danby’s woodland constructions tell the story of that which is lost, and that which is to be discovered.  Remnants of  roller-coasters, references to theme parks, ruins, castles, tower blocks, bridges and fortified walls that separate nothing and safeguard even less. Myth and fairytale bring them into a landscape of synthetic idyll, where objects are both visible and invisible. The works are built on platforms that float like islands, scale and reference shift constantly and mirrors present optical recess and provide strange vistas .


Joel Ely’s paintings have been selected for the BP Portrait Award for the 2 nd consecutive year. His practice involves researching and combining disparate elements of the histories, theories and fictions surrounding food, nature and figerative art. This is realised through a barstadised approach to painting, performance and installation.

Emily Power manipulates the surface of wallpaper to include words beneath its pattern. Intermarried with the codes and regulations of the pre-made paper, the text looks towards linguistics and habit forming systems of communication, adopting a freeze-frame of gridded language to suggest an arresting of circumstances.

Work will be for sale with a percentage of the proceeds donated to Hackney Empire.


Performance – 8pm Nicola Cunningham

Photography and Disc Jockeys in the Marie Lloyd bar, 8pm till late

OPEN DAILY 11 th–14 TH JULY 5-9pm

Hackney Empire’s Exhibition Space
291 Mare Street
E8 1EJ


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