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The major international design conference Semi-Permanent lands at London's Barbican Theatre, 10 and 11 June.




The team behind the internationally renowned online design portal Design Is Kinky is making its long-awaited London debut with the design conference, Semi-Permanent, co-presented by RES Media Group and Diesel.


The two day event takes place at London’s Barbican Theatre Friday 10 and Saturday 11 June.


The event is co-presented by RES Media Group, responsible for the globe-trotting digital film-and-more festival RESFEST. RES will screen highlights from the annual RES 10 exhibition. RES 10 is a group of artists making a difference in their respective worlds, and whose creative impacts on film, music videos, commercials, music, interactive media will be felt in 2005 and beyond.


Fashion house Diesel is the presenting partner, and will also be exhibiting their Diesel Wall project.


The Semi-Permanent events present the latest in design innovation in a relaxed and accessible environment. The conference surveys a diverse range of design fields: graphic design, broadcast, illustration, photography, special effects, web, fashion, film, graffiti, animation, and more. Six speakers present their work on each day, for an hour at a time.


Each speaker is at the top of their field.  They are: Mill (post production house, UK), The Orphanage (high-end special effects, US), TWiN (motion graphics / directors, Australia), MK12 (motion graphics, US), Pixelsurgeon (online creative resource, UK), Marmalade (magazine, UK), Lobo (motion graphics, Brazil), Gum (magazine, US), 123Klan (vector graffitists, France), Wieden & Kennedy (advertising agency, Netherlands), Surface to Air (design collective, US), Universal Everything (design collective, UK).




Unlike many design conferences which focus on technology, Semi-Permanent delves into the creative side of design, focusing on the passion that creative people have for their work. Semi-Permanent is tailored to all whom find design inspiring, whether first-year students or advertising agency creative directors.


As well as this unique opportunity to see these creatives discuss their work in person, all attendees receive free the 240pp full-colour collectible book ‘Semi-Permanent 05 London’. The book features art from all participating speakers, as well as other submissions hand-picked by the presenters.


Tickets are £120 for both days (or £90 if bought by Fri 27 May), and £60 for students.

Tickets and info:


Phone: +44-(0)20 7638 8891 (daily 9am - 8pm; plus £1.85 per transaction, includes first class postage if time permits). Group booking: +44-(0)20 7382 7211 (Monday - Friday 10am-5pm)


For images, more information and interview opportunities with the presenters and speakers, contact Keeley Naylor at Emfoundation: 0207-247-4171 /




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