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There is Always an Alternative possibilities for art in the early nineties

Organised by Dave Beech & Mark Hutchinson

Preview: Saturday 28th May, 6.30 pm – late
with performances from 7pm by
Tim Brennan & Dean Brannagan and Gillian Dyson

Exhibition: 29th May -10th July 2005
Gallery open Sat-Sun 12-6pm
Artists’ Talk: Saturday 25th June, 2 - 6 pm

Dave Beech & Mark Hutchinson
Tim Brennan
Gareth James
Clive Sall / f.a.t.
Gillian Dyson
John Beagles
Deborah Holland
Dean Brannigan
Graham Ramsay
Lindsay Seers
Laura Emsley
Alison Marchant
Hayley Newman
Dan Mitchell
Giorgio Sadotti
Laurence Lane
Nick Crowe
Martin Vincent
David Mabb
Billy McCall
John Timberlake
Cornford and Cross
Brian Dawn Chalkley
Florian Zeyfang
Ward Shelley
Shaheen Merali
David Burrows
Adam Dant
Jeremy Deller
Chad McCail

“... As always, things could have been different and still could be different.  One of the techniques available to the status quo is to minimise or eliminate the sense of any alternative in the present or immediate future by obliterating the alternatives that existed in the past. The market is a very good mechanism for this sort of institutionalised selectivity. It is through recovering alternatives in the past, therefore, that we will inform and spur on alternatives in the future. ‘There is Always an Alternative’ documents an under-represented array of radical practices from the early-90s in order to provide potential models of radical individual and collective art practice now and to come. ...”

This exhibition is kindly supported by Arts Council England.

2nd Fl Atlantic House
The Old Seager Distillery
Brookmill Rd, London SE8 4JT


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