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House of O'Dwyer Centre of Attention

The exhibition 'Masks and microphones' continues to 25 July 2004, Fridays to Sundays, 1 to 6 pm

Based in London, the House of O'Dwyer produces one series of paintings each year and has been doing so since 2000.

This year, the House of O'Dwyer continues to question art world assumptions and artists delusions and the sheer banality of the artist's endeavour, while at the same time mining a deeper seam of psycho-s. drama, and combining both of these with a baroque povera aesthetic (defined by a marshalling of found materials). Horror, philosophy, film, performance and science combine with notions of grandeur, corruption, superficiality, clique, and joyless chore to create...

Wow wee, such an ambitious endeavour, how does he pack it all in? Come judge for yourself...

A catalogue accompanied by an interview of the artist with Marco Livingstone is available from the gallery and the website on

For more information, please contact the Centre of Attention on this email or on 020 7729 0699.


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