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Jeffrey Charles Gallery


June 26 - July 25, 2004
Opening: Saturday, June 26, 6-9PM

"Those of us who have followed John Miller's career over the past fifteen or so years know that he is one of those artists who has worked in a multitude of manners. He has painted scenes of everyday life that bring to mind the works of the social realist artists of american 1930s; and he has made other paintings, in the same very direct manner, of such stereotypical or "stock" images as butterflies, fairies and devils--images that look almost as if they were clipped directly from children's storybooks. He has made simple pencil drawings of real estate, uninflected renderings of the interiors and exteriors of a wide variety of abodes. Then there are photographs, taken during the middle of the day when the sun is positioned directly overhead, casting its unflattering light on a seemingly endless variety of human activities and locales. He has worked with found objects, covered in gold leaf, grouped together in assemblages and sometimes slathered with, or buried in, a deep brown impasto."
Mike Kelley, John Miller: Economies Paralléles/Parallel Economies 1999, From Mike Kelley: Foul Perfection, 2002

Jeffrey Charles Gallery is pleased to present 493 KB From the Administered World an exhibition of new work by John Miller. Miller recently completed two solo shows in the US "Everything is Painted Brown" Metro Pictures, NY and "Total Transparency" Richard Telles Fine Arts, Los Angeles. He was recently featured in Artforum: April, 2004 Portfolio/John Miller "Middle of the Day" Bob Nickas, pp. 132-137. This is his first solo show in the UK. The work that makes up this exhibition relates to Miller's on going analysis of on-line dating. The show consists of a group of 8x10" photographs superimposed with text from personals ads, also three large graph posters that plot analytical data gained from Miller's own research through direct participation with internet dating sites, and an accompanying essay written for the show. The photographs show sites located within a ten mile radius of Jeffrey Charles Gallery.

John Miller has exhibited internationally over the last 30 years predominantly in the U.S. and mainland Europe. Recent solo shows have been held at Metro Pictures, New York, PS1, New York, Richard Telles Fine Art, LA and Galerie Praz-Delavallade, Paris. An earlier sculpture by Miller was shown in Mike Kelley: The Uncanny at Liverpool Tate. Changing contexts characterizes not only where Miller lives and works, dividing his time between New York and Berlin but also his dual roles as an artist and critic. In the mid 80's Miller worked as the U.S. editor of the British magazine Artscribe. He now contributes regularly to the Berlin based journal Texte zur Kunst. John Miller is represented in the USA by Metro Pictures, New York, and in Europe by Meyer Riegger Galerie, Karlsruhe, Galerie Christian Nagel, Berlin/Cologne, Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin and Galerie Praz-Delavallade, Paris
Jeffrey Charles Gallery
34 Settles Street
E1 1JP

Saturdays and Sundays 12-6pm or by appointment


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