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Usher Gallery

Usher Gallery, Lindum Rd, Lincon
Tue-Sat 10-5
Sun 1-5

Throughout July A Private View by Lesley Stableford, A film showing a creative synthesis of a challenging theme 'homelessness', made with support from the homeless of Lincoln.

Adventurous Wild Flowers
1 May * 27 June
Adventurous Wild Flowers, their Art and Science is an exhibition by Gallery Oldham, which considers the virtues of those much-maligned plants- weeds.
Includes work by Kerry Morrison, Jaques Nimki, Ruth Moilliet, Stephanie Douet and Helen Knowles.

Drawing on a collection.
25 May-31 August
Work includes Frederick Lord Leighton, Peter De Wint, Duncan Grant, David Hockney, Gwen John, Augustus John, Aurbach and Charles Shannon.


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