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a realpolitik picnic

f r e e d o m f r i e s

a realpolitik picnic

sunday 4th july 2-6pm

including artists:

jess barr, simona brinkman, sander van bussel, paula chiaia, steve colson, dino demosthenous, shaun doyle, ben ford-smith, chris hammond, dai jenkins, peter jessett, stephen kenny, mally mallinson, julia moore, russell oxley, tasha rees, nicholas symes, tony peakall, paulmart, natashia smith, chris tosic, lou tebbs, uddin elsey, floyd varey, wiebke morgan.

on the day americans in positions of global hegemony hang up their six-shooters to celebrate their independence, come with us to the shores of london’s river thames where the story began nearly 400 years ago. that’s right folks: 1620- the year the mayflower set sail from this site loaded with puritan book-learning and religious fundamentalism, its cargo of convicts fleeing justice and the cavalier decadence of europe for the new world.

now in its second rapturous year, a band of artists – members of the coalition to a man – stands shoulder to shoulder to celebrate liberty though the power of their work.

so, pack up your meal deals and fast food buckets and come with us to this art-packed independence day extravaganza of revelry festivity and merriment.

I’m loving it.

cumberland wharf gardens, junction of rotherhythe street/ swan street,
rotherhythe, SE1
tube: rotherhythe bus: 225, 381 & 395
contact: nicholas symes: 07956 307205,


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