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Catto Contemporary - ‘Forgetting Godot’ by Juno Doran

‘Forgetting Godot’ by Juno Doran

6th – 31st June 2003

Define the ‘snapshot’? Is it merely a crude term for cheap and disposable images often associated with tacky holidays and cheesy social occasions? Or can it evoke the elusive moment, capture the fleeting and record the transitory? With Juno Doran’s photorealistic paintings, our preconceptions are challenged; whereby the humble is heightened through artistic skill and exploration. What fascinates the artist is that, in an ever-changing world full of conflict, discourse and unanswerable questions, the only certain truths are the instant ones intimately observed.

The title of the exhibition playfully suggests that despite the futility of existence and general sense of foreboding, we must be able to build upon something life enhancing and construct a new realm of reality. We find solace in the details, the shared seconds of joy and the precious spaces that they occupy. It is within the accidental and the seemingly incidental, that the very foundations of human experience are found. Juno Doran is an artist aware of this universal need and has generously invited the viewer into her inner world, a fun and freaky place, full of laughter and life.

The paintings are hyper-real, with the artist displaying a formidable talent. The handling and execution is extra-ordinary, in contrast to the subject matter. Indeed, it is as if the snapshot has become the expanse of the canvas and vice versa. It is, for Doran, perhaps a means of finding redemption from the previous intensive use of photography. This series of paintings explores not only the composition and immediacy of photography, but also its’ various forms, including a hilarious vertical four shot taken from a typical photo booth. This immutable moment, repeated by loving couples the world over is celebrated by Doran, and through incredible craft and skill the seemingly commonplace has been raised and exalted.

Doran’s superlative work has already received much critical acclaim; this year will be the third time she has been short-listed in the BP Portrait Award, having been previously commended.
She is featured in numerous publications, including 100 Reviews, Art Review, Blueprint and Flux Magazine, to name but a few. Solo exhibitions have taken place in Manchester, London (including Catto Contemporary; as part of the ‘Perverse Pop’ exhibition) and in her native country Portugal.
NB There will be a catalogue available prior to the exhibition. For more information and images for publication, please contact Rachel or Hobby:

Catto Contemporary
75a Leonard Street
London EC2A 4QS
Tel: +44 (0)20 7729 0555
Fax: +44 (0)20 7613 0201


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