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FOUR SOLO SHOWS OVER FOUR WEEKS (previewing all Thursdays in March)

Anja Kirschner Supernumeraries (film) 6 & 7 March.
Supernumeraries was produced with the financial assistance of the Arts Council England.
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Luke Gottelier, Early Small Paintings (1998-2002)
13 & 14 March.

Matthew Tickle, 'Semi-rhythm' (sound-piece)
(coincides with 'What the eye can't see, the heart can't grieve for' currently at QMC ,UL, Mile End)
20 & 21 March.

Caroline Achaintre, new work.
27 & 28 March. Preview, 25 March 7-9pm.

As the final part of the four week Quarters project, Whitechapel Project Space will be showing new work by Caroline Achaintre. Within both a selection of works on paper and a large wall mounted rug, Achaintre creates images that hover between the deliberate and the haphazard, often revealing the ghost of extensive digital manipulation. Some initially appear as colourful Rorschachian ink blots, a kind of colour separation occurring within ink washes of yellow, cyan and magenta, and outlines and smudges of facial features taking form through the images symmetry.

Here Achaintre twists the psychoanalytic pretext of the Rorschach, for the faces that appear hint at the glamourised uncanny of imagery behind rock, punk and metal bands such as Kiss, Slipknot, The Insane Clown Posse and Marilyn Manson. The carefully engineered - yet often kitsch - menace of elaborate and grotesque face painting, is mimicked in Achaintres work that insinuates both careful construction and psychological insight. The wall-mounted rug entitled Eddie is a girl further elaborates this point of breakdown, where the regularity of patterning in this domestic object renders a spectral image looming out of the shag pile a lurid apparition both disconcerting and cosmetically stylish.

Caroline Achaintre is represented by Lawrence OHana Gallery.

Address 20 Fordham Street London E1 1HS
Hours Sat & Sun 1 - 6pm & by appointment
Tel/Fax 020 7377 6289 / 07808 732340 / 07748 235428


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