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Sick Love

Sick Love
Sunday the 4th of April, 2004
10pm till 4am - £5 all night

FIL OK (nag nag nag / atomizer)
DISASTRONAUT (sonic mook experiment / catastrophic)
JOHN TAYLOR (the cock / punx soundcheck)

plus PUNKS JUMP UP battle amongst themselves.


FRENCHBLOKE & SON (half inch recordings)
THE FELONIOUS PUNK (skullsonic force)
tomp (warp)
MARCUS (rephlex)

and LIVE sets from SNAPMOUTH (posthuman/seed) and WRONG TOM (USvsTHEM)

Back again for it's monthly dose of electro punk, synthpop and bad behaviour, Sick Love presents a clash of civilizations as representatives from 3 of the most forward thinking and most interesting (and lets face it FUN) clubs in the country battle it out on the main floor, with a play what you like and have some fun policy expect all sorts of special selections from Nag Nag Nag's FIL OK, Sonic Mook Experiment's DISASTRONAUT (who is just about set to release his latest album in april on ) and JOHN TAYLOR from the Cock and pioneering electroclash syndicate Punx Soundcheck. And to warm us up before the main event we have local heroes PUNKS JUMP UP battling it out amongst themselves with a tasty selection of dirty punk funk, new wave, electro and disco noises.

Down in the basement we have live sets from SNAPMOUTH, better known as Posthuman, they have been one of the most dazzling talents to emerge over the last few years with releases of Skam and their own SEED imprint. As Snapmouth the boys take a break from the incricate electronica and head straight for the dancefloor with pulverising champagne techno or as they like to call it Bitchpop. Alongside them we have WRONG TOM who will be leading his full band into action with his sound that has been winning him plaudits and airplay aplenty, a filthy break driven mash up of ragga, disco punk, electro and hip-hop.

As if that wasn't enough we have another three way battle as Warp DJ tomp, Rephlex's MARCUS and JAMES from Wheels instead of Hooves take to the decks, cd players, laptops and fx boxes to see who'll come out as top dog.

You want more? How about glasgow's FRENCHBLOKE & SON bastard pop technician extraordinaire, with a new EP out on half inch recordings that is causing much dancefloor destruction (and confusion) and a mix for XFM under his belt that many would say was one of the best aired last year (check and you'll see why) now is the perfect time to check out the Frenchbloke's laptop and decks mash up set.

And last but not least we have Sick Love resident THE FELONIOUS PUNK, international DJ par excellence, indemand male model, nobel peace prize winner, leader of the Skullsonic Force and all round chap.

The 333
333 Old Street


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