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Exhibitions @ Tablet Gallery

Géraldine Gallavardin
& Adam Nankervis
May 7 - 31
Private view Friday May 7, from 6.30pm

Marko Stepanov
& Tiago Slewinski
June 4 - July 2
Private view Friday June 4, from 6.30pm

London Biennale 2004
at tablet gallery
The Tabernacle
Powis Square
London, W11 2AY
Tubes: Westbourne Park, Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill
Wed - Sun 12 - 6pm

The forthcoming two exhibitions at tablet gallery are part of the third
London Biennale, an anarchic freeform festival that has run every two years
since being founded in 2000 by the peripatetic Filipino artist David
Medalla. Artists can join the biennale by simply taking a photo of
themselves in front of Eros in Piccadilly Circus holding an artistic arrow
they have made themselves. It is especially appropriate for the Tabernacle
to be hosting these two exhibitions, as the building was originally opened
in 1884 by that same Lord Shaftesbury whose memorial is the statue of Eros
(the commemorative foundation stone is displayed just inside the entrance).

From May 7 to May 31, the French artist Géraldine Gallavardin will be
showing a photographic installation based on the Caribbean religion Santeria
(a blend of Catholicism and Yoruban tradition), together with silent video
portraits of people she met on her recent trip to Cuba. Her visit coincided
with the festival of Chango, god of war, and the images show various
home-made altars, offerings and religious practices of the island. At the
same time the Australian artist Adam Nankervis will be exhibiting a
sculpture based on the Angel of Peace.

From June 4 to July 2, Marko Stepanov, originally from Yugoslavia, will
create a sculptural installation examining identity, consciousness and
nationality. Portuguese artist Tiago Slewinski, meanwhile, will turn the
front of the Tabernacle into a traditional windmill which calls to mind the
cycles and passages of human life, but can only be fully seen and understood
from one particular spot.



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