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PCP (Pasties Cider Presley)

PCP (Pasties Cider Presley)
28th May – 2nd July 2004 Private View Thursday 27th 6 – 9pm
Paul Becker, Michael Jackson, Ben McLaughlin, Floyd Varey

Oggy, oggy, oggy! Oi, oi, oi! (call of tin miners verifying how many pasties they required).

Floyd Varey provides the context for a small show of paintings and drawings by Becker, Jackson and McLaughlin. Varey’s Scarecrow and Painting Table, complete with spinning bottle rack (Duchamp), stand guard over a selection of mildly disturbing figurative paintings.

Paul Becker has provided us with drawings of masturbating teddy bears and murderous woodland creatures, fluxed up Beatrice Potter that would have the analysts working overtime. Michael Jackson paints small canvases of mundane landscapes, dusty corners and empty lobbies. There is an air of the suicidal and mind numbing intensity invested in his, apparently, banal subjects. Ben McLaughlin has provided two miniature paintings of a hotel, one with the lights on and one with them off, while Varey himself shows a portrait of an incredibly sad Pink Panther.

Instead of encasing these works in a traditional gallery setting Floyd Varey will be framing the other works within a PCP fuelled chaotic structure, reminiscent of a fairground attraction, complete with green and pink walls, jigsaws of the state-room at Buckingham Palace, postcard Queen and toy alien. Your senses will be spinning in a cider induced haze with only the words of the King for comfort.

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